Relaxed Romantic Engagement by Ground Glass Studio

When: August 26th and 27th 2016 | Where: Prince Edward County, Ontario | Theme: Relaxed, Romantic, Beach, Outdoors, Balloons.

Michelle and Badan had a love filled 2 days with Ground Glass Studio when it came to their Relaxed Romantic Engagement Session. I mean, it’s not everyday we see couples spend 2 days for a photo session! As the couple have been together for 15 years, they wanted a session that would highlight their love and how relaxed they’ve come to be in it. So they chose a location that was very familiar – Prince Edward County, which is usually where they celebrate their anniversary.

For the relaxed morning feel, the couple posed in their PJs and their favorite coffee mugs. More details of their shoot included shots at the beach, the Kate Spade Giant Mr. and Mrs. Balloons and fun pillow fight shots.

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About The Couple

Badan Proposed to Michelle before her Birthday Party (November last year 2015) at her parent’s house, it was a proposal that definitely caught Michelle by surprise! The couple had dated for 15 years, moved into their first home together in 2013.

Though Michelle had a feeling a proposal was looming, she had no idea that Badan would take the non-traditional route and surprise her at her parent’s home instead of catching her off-guard at some tropical vacation spot, which they go to every year for their dating anniversary.

Wedding Planning Advice

“Wedding planning for Michelle and Badan started a year ago – and through it all, they learned that wedding planning is just like anything else in life as a couple – remember there’s a reason why two are engaged, you love each other, and all challenges, no matter how small or big, will pass and things will be OKAY – be patient and listen to the other person!

Love conquers all! don’t forget, you need 2 people to have a wedding – a happy bride AND a happy groom!”


Photography: Ground Glass Studio

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