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Happy #Fashion Friday! Are you having a rehearsal dinner among your wedding events and wondering what to wear? If you are going with the classic long dress style for the wedding, a rehearsal dinner might be a way to change things up by choosing something different like a shorter dress or a jump suit. Exciting right? I bet!

Today’s boards are totally for the High fashion couple; think knee length dress with high neck and a jumpsuit with lace top! Everything about both of these looks point you in the direction to a couple who loves to make a statement with their clothing.

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For the first board, we kept to the Grey and Blue color scheme, which is one of my favorite formal color schemes and was inspired by the groom’s photo from Bonobos. For the groom, I selected the accessories from The Tie Bar while for the bride, I did most of my camping for accessories over at Rent The Runway.

Rehearsal Dinner Style Blue and Grey (1)

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For our second board, clearly I had a little too much fun by bringing in more popping colors; Pink, Gold/Nude and Blue. This color combination somehow reminds me of a nautical feel with a lot more glamour to the mix. I have to say though, the Pink Flamingo addition and her jumpsuit are really the items making me love this look even more!

Just like the first photo, I began this board with the groom’s photo from Bonobos. For the gentleman’s look, I selected the accessories were also from The Tie Bar and Blue Nile for the gold cufflinks, while for the bride, Rent The Runway all the way!

Rehearsal Dinner Style Pink and Blue (1)

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Question of the Post: Which of these looks would you rather wear? Comment below!

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