Real Wedding Perfection from Australia; Tomar Photography.

Now this feature makes me want to even visit Australia even more! Who’s with me? 🙂

Marc definitely worked out true perfection with these photos and we are happy to be the ones to deliver them to you. Marc is a 27 year old husband who happens to be an awesome photographer based in Australia with his wife, Emma. His business; Tomar Photography focuses on photographing people in LOVE! Their passion is to “capture your day in a way that is unique, emotional and heart felt.” Marc and his team also love traveling, and their desire is to travel to anywhere in the world to photograph people in love on the biggest day of their lives!

Marc shares a bit of his experience in shooting this particular wedding;
“The location was fantastic, being able to take a couple through a zoo and shoot with the animals was an amazing experience. After the Zoo we were able to head down to a little stone jetty at Bradley’s Head, right when the sun was setting, and we were able to get some of the most breathtaking photos of the couple with the city of Sydney in the background.”

Couple: Liam and Kirrilly
Location: Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia
See more photos here
Catch Marc on Instagram: @Tomarphotography

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