Real Brides Give Wedding Planning Advice – Part 2

Happy new week friends! Today we go back to our Monday Wedding Planning Advice style of posts as we introduce the Part 2 of the mini series we started a while ago – #RealBrideAdvice.

This series covers the bits of advice we receive from the brides when their real weddings are submitted to Knotsvilla. Our brides focus on what worked for them during the planning and sometimes what did NOT work for them. We realize that though experience is the best teacher, reading other people’s experience might teach you the same thing without taking you through the pain. So to us, this post is a win-win!

Enjoy part 2 of #RealBrideAdvice as Knotsvilla’s real brides tell you what they learnt from wedding planning. Of course we urge you to share and pin this post for yourself and friends planning their weddings, it would most likely come in very handy in the future!

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5 #RealBrideAdvice – Wedding Planning Advice

Delegate Projects

Real Wedding: Yellow Grey DIY Wedding by Peterson Design & Photography

Wedding Planning Advice - The right Vendors

Real Wedding: Little Mermaid Beach Wedding by Taylor E Photography

RealBrideAdvice - the details

Real Wedding: Outdoor Blue and White Wedding by 13 One Photography

Wedding Planning Advice - take A break

Real Wedding: Classic Blue Grey Wedding by Vanessa Joy Photography

Wedding Planning Advice - Its Okay

Real Wedding: Classic Jewish Wedding by Erin Johnson Photography

 Question of the Day: Currently planning a wedding or just got done? What would be your #RealBrideAdvice bit?

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