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Happy 2015 from the #WeddingDiaries! I have to admit, it’s such a pleasure to have this series continue this year. Last year we got to read details of Bride Davia and Bride Robin in the Wedding Diaries and this 2015 Bride Farrah is joining the list of amazing ladies wanting to share their wedding planning journey with us. Hope you enjoy getting to know this lovely new bride and connecting with her real story about her journey to the altar!

From Bride Farrah

Greetings everyone!

My name is Farrah and I am super excited to introduce myself and my fiancé to you guys! First off, I need to let you know, I am a BUSY lady! However, I decided that my being busy in literally every aspect of my life right now has led me to a great opportunity to contribute toward this blog for my own personal sanity.

I have always enjoyed writing and documenting, and now with the advent of social media as a means of communication and, well, socializing, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to reach out to brides who have gone before me, brides currently on the journey, as well as any newly engaged or *soon to be* engaged brides as well! I hope my journey inspires as well as entertains!!


When you have a history like my fiancé and I have had, it is often difficult to find concise words to describe the course of the relationship. One word that actually comes to my mind: endurance. We have a history deeply rooted in the fine arts and it is music that led to our friendship. We met as teenagers in a city-wide youth orchestra, and our friendship grew from that point forward.

As we courted throughout college and onward into our professional lives, our individual lives took us to different geographical places that led to a long-distance relationship over the course of several years. After years of chasing our own dreams, we finally came to the conclusion that we needed to take those steps toward creating our future.

A couple years into that decision, he popped the question, asking me to be his forever and I said “yes.” I think our relationship is a great representation of what happens when you realize that love prevails under any circumstance, so we now choose to put love first in all that we do.

Wedding Diaries Bride Farrah

I think the most interesting aspect of my journey to the altar is that not only am I getting married in the spring, but I will become a physician and achieve my dream of helping others through medicine and medical education. I am a nerd at heart and people close to me know my professional life to be nothing short of studying, studying, and more studying in efforts of achieving my long-term academic goals and making a true difference in the lives of my future patients and to others.

In sharp contrast to my nerd-dom, I am a true fan of fashion and personal style. Many of my friends have asked me to style them, and that has always been a fun outlet for me! I could spend days admiring fashion design, creating looks, and gaining inspiration for new looks! As for planning, if there is anything that medical school and my creative outlets have taught me, they have taught me various ways to deal with stress and I intend to apply all of those tactics to the planning and execution of my wedding down to the very last detail!


So to wrap this up, you can see that my life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment, and with just five (yikes)…YES FIVE more months left until we say “I DO,” it is imperative that we make the most of the time we have in terms of planning and execution! Between interviewing for residency positions and wedding planning I am excited about the journey that is about to unfold!

I hope that you will follow me as I encounter the good, the bad, and the…sigh…ugly of wedding planning alongside career planning. I most definitely welcome your (constructive) ideas, thoughts, and suggestions! So, with ALL of that said, I welcome you to my hectic, yet productive life!! Let’s do this!

Bride Farrah | Instagram: @thevoguemd

Photo Credits: Scobey Photography, Atlanta, Ga

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      Thank you so much!! Apologies for the tardiness of this reply! Clearly the result of being a #BusyBride lol Hope to have another submission out pretty soon! 🙂


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