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Designing our wedding invitations was actually one of the 1st things I did after getting engaged. I actually realized it is somewhat a passion of mine. I designed our wedding invites, rehearsal dinner invites, bachelorette invites, bachelorette shirts and our programs. As well as our saves the dates and “will you be my bridesmaid cards?”. I find inspiration on pinterest and download most of my fonts for free at

A lot of people hand write or hire a calligrapher to write their envelopes. I decided to type up all the addresses in a font that matched the invites and print them myself. I did have kinkos print and cut our invites. I spent less than $50 on the invites by doing them myself, which is a plus.


It has been so fun to receive our RSVPs and the little notes people leave us saying “can’t wait” or “ I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” It’s been sad seeing that some of my friends can’t come, but on the bright side it will allow me to spend more time with the friends who can make it. You can only talk to so many people in one night, although they will be greatly missed.


One of my favorite things I designed for our wedding is an out of town wedding guest directory. In June Eric and I went to Portland, Oregon for the first time. In a cute little boutique called Yo! Vintage, they had a free pamphlet of staff faves. I thought it would be cute to recreate this for Columbus, Ohio for our out of town guests with Eric and my favorite places to eat, drink, and shop. We even included little notes of our favorite thing to order or little things about us as a couple like “our first date” and “where we got engaged.” I thought it was a good way for people to get to know Columbus, Ohio from the people who love it (us).


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