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One of the best things about being a bride this year is that so many of my other friends are brides too. It’s so fun to compare dresses and talk about all the details. When you are planning a wedding it can be hard to think of anything else so if the people around you are feeling the same, it is easy to have a fun conversation rather than a stressful one.

Last weekend I was in a good friend, Andrea’s wedding. It was really nice to experience her wedding a couple months before mine. I haven’t been to too many weddings in my adult life and I have only been in one wedding before this one; in 2010. Experiencing her wedding made me realize I really wanted a videographer for mine, which I had originally put on the bottom of our list. At her wedding I saw what a whirlwind the day was and I want to be able to remember the moments in more than just photographs.

A few friends including our photographer had mentioned Rachel Joy Baransi as a videographer we should use. I originally reached out to her back in March. Since videography was on the bottom of our list I had a smaller budget in mind than her price. I decided to pass, but she said to reach out to her 6 weeks before our date and if she was still available than maybe we could work something out.

Just after Andrea’s wedding she reached out to me and said after hearing about me from our mutual friend’s she wanted to be a part of our day and honor our budget. This was truly a gift. I feel so honored to have her as a part of our day. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by fellow Christians on our special day.

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