Rain on your Big Day?

…..So Aliona and Piotr came up with a brilliant Idea: A Wedding Session!

E.W.A.M sure went very international on this one–all the way to Poland! I remember the first time I saw one of Aliona’s Wedding session photo, one word came to mind “Magazine Worthy“. It’s no surprise right after that thought the next was “E.W.A.M feature worthy”. A wedding session, I must confess isn’t something I hear about or see too often; it’s either a bridal session, engagement session or the actual wedding photos. So seeing Aliona’s photos I gained a totally different perspective of wedding related photos in general. Everyone loves to look at photos that tell stories, I think Aliona and Piotr did a very great job with that and all credits go to Studio Este in Szczecin, Poland.

Their Story: It sounds like something out of a novel, an office romance. Aliona and Piotr met 2 years ago when she was looking for a job that would require knowledge of English and administration skills. She sent her CV out and finally got a call back from a guy asking for an interview. It was Piotr. He did not have a clear English accent which she found weird but still decided to give it a shot. Goodness her, it was not a fraud, Piotr was the vice president of this IT company who offered her a position as an assistant. On assignment one day (after one unofficial and casual dinner), Aliona and Piotr had to go pick up office furniture for the company’s new hires so while waiting for the shop assistant to come he pointed to her that there was a mistletoe over her head. She admitted she was aware and then a kiss eventually came with no reason given. 5 months later Aliona and Piotr got engaged on her first trip to Poland. We can clearly say the rest is history right?

Watch this space pretty closely, we are hoping to cover Aliona and Matt’s actual wedding, so can we say this post is just to wet your appetite?

Happy viewing! 

Breezing Elegance

 “Let’s get Intimate”

Wedding Dress: Demetrios

“The Spotlight”

Reaction to the wedding day rain : 
“The only sad thing was the heavy rain that started in the middle of the photo session, we were nearby the lagoon and the wind started to be crazy too. Because I wasn’t able to hold my hair in place and keep balance we had to give up on the session. So we did another session 3 days after, and chosen a different Photographer. The rain lasted the whole week so we opted to have it in a studio, and I don’t have any regrets. They made it look like it was taken from a bridal magazine. Studio Este, did a great job and I can’t express in words how happy I was seeing the final result. They have their studio in Szczecin Poland, but they go through all the Europe as well.” -Aliona

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