Purple Winter Wedding Inspiration

So I know I am quite early but I couldn’t hold this back any longer -this gorgeous Purple Winter Wedding Inspiration! While you are enjoying the fall how about I let you catch a glimpse of the upcoming season along with my favorite color?

Today’s inspiration board really gets me excited for the winter. If you know me, as a Nigerian born and bred girl, that previous statement is hard to come by…I like my sun! But when I saw the bride in purple sweater holding a bouquet, I decided I could some day love the winter season – at least for it’s white beauty! So I got to finding more photos that would bring this purple winter dream to life and I think I did a pretty good job 🙂

Purple Winter Wedding

Having your bridesmaids in purple dresses and white cozy outerwear with the bride with purple sounds like the perfect combo for a purple winter bridal party if you ask me! And that cake…to me, it was made for this board!

I sure had fun throwing in a girl’s best friends with red soles to this board, sometimes all you need is a pop of another color!

purple-white-winter-bride Purple-white-wedding-cake

Hope you enjoyed this Purple Winter Wedding Inspiration! For more Fun with Colors boards see our Color/Theme Inspiration!!

Photo Credits: Purple Bride and Bouquet photo by Amber Sue Photography & Design | White and Purple Cake by Bobbette and Belle via ModWedding  | Purple and white Winter Bridesmaids photo by  Anna Grace Photography via Storyboard Wedding

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