Purple and Gold Wedding by Ashley Munn Photography

If you’re in the wedding market to find gorgeous weddings with a mix of color and culture, you’ve arrived at the right place today! Today’s Purple and Gold Wedding by Ashley Munn Photography highlights the colors very strongly as well as Lebanese, American and Mexican family heritages!

About the Purple and Gold Wedding

“Our wedding was different because of our cultural backgrounds. I am Lebanese/Mexican and Jeff is Caucasian. Both sides of my family love to dance and really know how to cut loose and have fun. We kind of made it a competition to see which side could out dance the other. To our surprise Jeff’s family wanted to partake in the competition and impressed us with some of their dance moves. I was in constant contact with our band (Groove Knight) and let them know I wanted to include Mexican and Lebanese music in the wedding. We even had a Mariachi band come play. It was very interesting to see all the different types of dancing that was going on throughout the night.

We also wanted to add our personal touches. I am a huge fan of minions so we had minion headbands for the girls and minion hard hats for the guys. Jeff is a big Star Wars fan so for our exit we had our guests hold up lightsabers as we walked out. We also had a lot of party favors passed out to our guests and even a personalized Instagram sign guests could take their picture with.” – Miriam

Puple and Gold Wedding - Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-pair Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-flower-girls Puple and Gold Wedding - Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-bridesmaids Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-couple Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-Groomsmen Puple and Gold Wedding - Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-bm Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-church-ceremony

How they met

“In November 2013, We sat across from each other at La Fiesta, among a group of co-workers and friends.  Miriam was still trying to figure out why God had brought her to Waco High.  I was looking for a way out of town.  We had no clue that we were starting a relationship that would completely shake up the plans we had.

As the group meetings continued throughout the school year, we kept finding ourselves sitting across the table from one another.  We then started finding ourselves in the same classrooms together as we shared testing assignments.  In April I jokingly asked Miriam if she would be my Facebook friend and go to prom with me.  Later, she told me that I had to ask her to prom in a cute way.  The next morning I placed a card in her teacher’s mailbox asking her in the cutest way I knew how.  A few weeks later, Miriam said yes by serenading me in the middle of 4th period with a group of student volunteers.

On April 25th the group had plans to all go bowling together, but one by one, the other members bowed out. Miriam texted me that evening, asking if I still wanted to go. Of course I did! We had an amazing time determining who the worse bowler was and were surprised at how comfortable we were with each other.  We agreed to see a movie together the next day, which led to dinner at George’s afterwards.

We quickly learned how alike we were, and the passion we shared for movies.  On May 2nd, we met at Crickets to help cheer up a co-worker and then had dinner together next door at Ninfas.  That night it became clear that we were both hopeless romantics who shared the same values.

The prom came and went on May 17 and was a total success.  I met her family for the first time that night and saw just how breathtakingly beautiful Miriam was.  The following Monday, I made another card, asking Miriam to see the new Godzilla movie with me, and that night at dinner, we officially became a couple. Two weeks later I was turned down for a job I had recently applied for, but was not at all disappointed.  Only a few weeks before, I couldn’t wait to leave Waco.  Now I couldn’t wait to see Miriam again.  Other job opportunities began to spring up, but I dismissed them all.  I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

We finished the school year in early June and had a summer like no other.  It became clear with every movie we took in and critiqued, every restaurant and theater we tried out, and every new adventure we had together, we were perfectly compatible.” – Jeff

The Proposal

“On August 11th, we left Waco early in the morning to take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise in San Marcos.  It was above some central Texas ranch, hundreds of feet in the air that I gave Miriam a surprise card and her engagement ring and asked her to marry me.  The day was filled with driving around Austin, looking for the perfect photo ops, and feeling the relief and excitement of finally being engaged.  It was surreal!

We finished the day with dinner and a movie at the iPic Theater and then drove home to celebrate with family. ” – Jeff

Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-signage Puple and Gold Wedding - Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-gold-decor Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-napkins Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-menu Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-centerpiece Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-band Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-mariachi Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-cake Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-cake-topper Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-cake2 Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-cake-cutting Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-glasses Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-fun-dance Elegant-Cultural-Wedding-instagram

Wedding Planning Advice

“Our advice would be to enjoy every moment of your engagement. Sometimes you get so stressed out that you forget that you need to have fun while you plan your big day. You don’t want to look back with regret and wish you would have enjoyed the moment.”


Photographer: Ashley Munn Photography//Hair Stylist: Daniel Hollingsworth Hair stylist//Caterer:Georges Catering//Dress Store: Georgio’s Bridal & Prom//Band: Groove Knight//Cinema and Video: Juliane & Alex//Event Planner: Karmen Wood Wedding Coordinator//Makeup Artist: Kimberly Cutler Professional Makeup//Band: Mariachi Azteca//Floral Designer: Rosetree Floral Design//Event Venue: St. Jerome Catholic Church //Cake Designer: The Cake Guys//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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