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So this post about weddings on prime time TV has been in my drafts folder for way too long already! I am not sure what exactly I was waiting for but here we are today. Okay I take it back, I know why I delayed; some inner part of me wanted to see Olivia Pope so bad in a wedding dress first before I had this post up, even though I know that would ruin the whole Scandal show. Maybe not, what if she gets in a wedding dress with Jake Ballard? – okay I digress. But you get my point though, it would have been a total high if I was able to feature my top 5 TV shows in this post, but for now 4 would do.


In this order; Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Revenge, the order of preference when it comes to these shows for me – once upon a time Revenge was #1. However when it comes to the bridal looks, my order switches up pretty well. Read a bit about these wedding episodes, see the looks and of course my ratings!

Show: CASTLE, Season 6, Episode 14: Dressed to Kill

Bride: Kate Beckett

Groom: Richard Castle 

My Rating: 7.5/10


As Castle and Beckett (who are the cutest of them all btw!) plan their wedding, life goes on with her job as a detective with the NYPD and him helping her and her team solve the crimes. They met earlier on when Beckett called him in for questioning after a series of murders were staged to imitate those from his book. Ever since then, Castle became interested in Beckett and the rest is…well the show!

In this episode where Beckett for the first time puts on a dress, we are all blown away by how gorgeous and dazzling she looks – even Beckett did not expect it to all suddenly feel so real, I mean look at her face! It was during an on-going investigation when Beckett met with a fashion magazine editor in chief who ended up asking her to try on one of her dresses. You see, Beckett was not even dress shopping! At the end of the day the crime was solved and Beckett got a gift; the DRESS! Oh my heart smiled.


Dazzling is the right word with all that shine and sparkle on Beckett’s dress. Let’s not forget that perfect neckline too! Her dress is a re-embroidered French silver bullion lace sheath, filled out by a silk taffeta and organza skirt, a creation by the show’s costume designer Luke Reichle. I’d be honest, I am really not a fan of the side, I keep asking myself what the point of it was –to feel more “wedding-ny”? Not sure but I’d go ahead and forgive it because Beckett in it somehow makes it acceptable. Castle and Beckett are yet to walk down the aisle and we are joyfully awaiting that episode!

Show: GREY’S ANATOMY, Season , Episode 

Bride: April Kepner

Groom: Matthew Taylor

My Rating: 7.9/10


Oh April, what a beautiful mess you are! I mean, who goes into a wedding with her groom and leaves with another man? Lol…I cant get over this story but I would focus on the wedding aspect of it for now. It was a beautiful wedding though, a beautiful rustic one with her fellow doctors standing beside her all bridesmaids’d up!

April’s dress was a stunner! Her dress was the Waking Up A-line dress by Peter Langner; a cotton macramé bodice with a dropped waist and a sweetheart neckline. The Illusion tulle that covered the shoulders was a major “YES” for me, these days I almost say yes to anything “illusion” when it comes to wedding dresses. The skirt explodes into full organza with lightly placed flowers near the hem at the skirt. I guess April decided she was too cool for the peach sash like the model and I agree!


Now we are done with the dress how about we swoon over her braided up-do and make up? Too gorgeous; simple but gorgeous! This photo above is definitely one of my favorites, shows the beautifully confused and naive April Kepner in her glory.

Show: NASHVILLE, Season 1, Episode 9 – Be Careful of The Stones You Throw

Bride: Juliette Barnes

Groom: Sean Butler

My Rating: 6.5/10


The picture above is from the scene where Juliette’s manager (Glenn) asked her where she had been since they had all been waiting for her at the recording studio. Juliette replies with her fingers in his face “Getting married!” – welcome to Nashville; some real country song drama on full screen. Juliette had just returned from her elopement with her football boyfriend. It was an elopement in the real word, no one knew – not even her manager who seems to be the closest to her. You can imagine his reaction to that photo above.


For the elopement Juliette wore this simple Zac Posen White Wool Crepe Dress and she rocked it way more than the model if you ask me! I loved her hair and make up too, she had this breath of fresh glow which I think comes from the excitement of elopement – you know, all that spontaneity glow and all. Little did she know she was going to be wearing a second dress with little or no glow!

Finally when Juliette’s footballer husband broke the news to his parents and after trying to understand why the couple made such hasty marital decision, his mother decided to give in under one condition; that they have a proper wedding!


Her second wedding dress for the church wedding was an A line Monique Lhuillier Lace, Strapless “Emma” Bridal Gown. See her face? Yeah no Glow! Actually at that scene she was “eloping from her church wedding”, pulling some “runaway Bride” and leaving the husband at the alter. Personally I am not crazy about the dress, I love the lace (who doesn’t love lace?!) but the silhouette is definitely not a fave for me, plus Juliette’s look on her face isn’t helping at all. I might have preferred her in a wider/higher skirt or ball gown with little or no boobies all up in my face.

The ladies at On Screen Style put the story in words perfectly “In just under the span of one hour, the country pop tart managed to elope with her football player beau, steal his virginity, piss off his mom, get forced into a legit wedding ceremony, find a wedding dress, visit her unstable mom,  leave Sean at the alter, and commence a tour with Rayna Jaymes. If that isn’t the makings of a country song then I don’t know what is!”

Show: REVENGE, Season 3, Episode 10 – Exodus

Bride: Emily Thorne

Groom: Daniel Grayson

My Rating: 9/10


This used to be the officially baddest chic on the block, then she got too emotional and the show has suddenly become a waste of my time. I mean, what happened to the times when every episode Emily Thorne would check off one person off her “revenge” list? All these side stories are boring, I need the action back!

While we await for this show to pick up its epic-ness one thing this show never fails in, is the fashion and style. The ladies get “it” in every episode, is that really how it is in the Hamptons? For now let’s focus on Emily’s dreamy dress! This by far wins my heart and so I saved it for the last. The dress, the cathedral length veil, the pearl bracelet and the bride herself – all beautiful. This was the dress Emily walked down the aisle to her man as we all waited to see the end – Who Shot Emily?


Emily’s dress was designed by Revenge costume designer Jill Ohannesson crafted the gown herself. It was a Alencon lace column dress with a tear-away tulle skirt which made it even more dreamy in it’s tulle glory. “I actually designed the dress because they came to me and basically said, ‘Here’s what we need this dress to do, Jill. We need for her to be able to fall off the boat and when she falls we want the dress to flow out,'” Revenge Designer, Jill told E.

* * * * * *

Photo Credits: Beckett’s photos via CTV | Juliette’s photos via Glamour & On Screen Style | April’s photos via Buzzsugar | Emily’s photos via Glamour & Brides

I hope I have been able to satisfy your TV Wedding cravings with this post. Do you watch any of these shows? Would love to know your favorite ones and your favorite bridal look from them! Have a blessed weekend lovers!

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    Castle is one of my favorite shows! I remember watching the show where Kate tried on her dress for the first time, the details on this gown are without a doubt incredibly gorgeous! I agree about the side of her dress but other than the weird poofy sides, it’s a stunning dress!


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