Playful Romantic Engagement by Meredith Jamison Photography

When: April 10, 2016 | Where: Greenville, South Carolina | Theme: Outdoor, Playful 

Cuteness alert!!! We have Jake and Melissa’s playful romantic engagement session by Meredith Jamison Photography which somehow makes the Spring season the most beautiful season ever! With the pink flowers in their full beauty, these love birds have easily captured our hearts with their session.

About the Playful Romantic Engagement Session

Jake and Melissa took heir engagement session up a notch by having it at a location that meant such much to them – the location they first met!  They might have lost touch after the 5th grade – but it all started for these two at the Lake Forest Elementary School.

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How they Met

“It all started on the playground…

I remember in elementary school that this little blonde boy was always in my classes and how I thought he was so cute – even at 10 years old. The girls used to chase the boys around the playground like a huge game of tag. The little blonde boy’s name was Jake and he was the one I used to chase all the time. In 5th grade, we learned how to mouth certain words and they would really look like we were saying something different. I used to mouth “olive juice” to him all those years ago.

I hadn’t seen Jake since we both left for different middle schools, and eventually high schools. I was a mommy to my precious 2.5 year old and love was the last thing on my mind. I’d been through some rocky relationships by that point and decided to just enjoy being a mommy. Flash forward to one night in March 2011 – I had decided to go to karaoke with some friends at the Mexican restaurant down the street that night. We’d been going for several weeks at that point, but that night I saw someone that I thought I recognized. It couldn’t be though…with my luck, I’d go up to this guy and ask if his name was Jake and he’d say no, my name is Bob. I brushed it off as the person being Jake’s doppelganger and continued to enjoy my evening with my friends. The next week..the same guy was there. I told my friend that I swore that was him..but I was too chicken to go and talk to him. **All this time – Jake thought the SAME thing about me by the way and was too chicken to say anything** My friend decided that that was enough and marched up to him and said “Hey – is your name Jake? Did you go to Lake Forest?” His reply was yes and she grabbed his hand and said “Come with me”.

She brought Jake over to me and we chatted for a handful of minutes and exchanged numbers saying that we should get together and catch up sometime. I hoped he would actually call or text..and lo and behold he did! I later learned that he was scared to death to send that text asking if I was busy that night and almost didn’t look at my reply. I’m sure glad he did 🙂 I went out with him and some of his friends that night – however Jake was very shy and reserved. He talked some, but not much. While we were waiting for our server and Jake was in the restroom, his friend, Brooke, leaned over and said “GIRL! He really likes you – he’s just too dang nervous to talk to you!!” After that night, Jake thought his chances were blown…so when he sent a text a couple days later asking if I wanted to get some can imagine my surprise! I accepted and we had our first date at Red Robin and have been together ever since.

The little boy that I used to chase on the playground and mouth “olive juice” to is now the man I love and get to say I love you to everyday. I can’t imagine my life without him and can’t wait for the adventures that life has for us :)” – Melissa

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The Proposal

“I am HORRIBLE at getting pictures taken. Jake and I can make plans, go out to nice dinners, parties, etc and we’ll both be dressed to impressed…and by the end of the night when I’m washing my face it hits me and I’ll yell over to him — We forgot to take a picture tonight dangit!!

I told Jake that once the house was finished, I wanted to make sure we had some nice pictures done of myself, him, and Emma since the only ones we REALLY had were selfies or a quick snap with the cell phone otherwise. I found a photographer on Facebook, booked a family photo session and coordinated the outfits. I knew I needed some Fall-ish and Christmas pictures out of this photo shoot. We arrived at the location and took a few pictures in our first outfits. After a few, Emma and I went to the ladies restroom to change into the next outfit. We came back out and Jake said he was going to go ahead and walk back over and I said that was fine, I still needed to change my earrings and get my boots on. Emma followed a few minutes behind Jake, and I as well just a few minutes after her. In the time it took Emma and myself to make it over to the photographer, Jake had divulged his secret to her of what was about to happen.

Emma was a key role in this photo shoot. These were going to be some of the first pictures we had made of the three of us and I wanted them to be perfect. Emma had other plans though. She wanted to make sure that “Mommy and Jake were posed just right” – the little stinker had no clue what Jake was going to do though. We snapped a couple of pictures on a nearby bench (one of which is the black/white picture of Jake and favorite of them!) and then proceeded up the small hill. Emma posed us again and again, and then the photographer asked Emma to stand with us. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Jake was reaching in his pocket and pulling out a *RING* and then turned to me and said “Hey Melissa…” **BTW we very rarely actually call each other by our names – we’re usually close enough to each other that we can just say something, or I’ll call him honey or puddin lol so when he said my name, a red flag went up in my head**

I turned to look at Jake and he honestly looked like he was about to throw up! My eyes then darted to what he was holding up (A RING!!) and at the same time he was saying “Will you marry me??” My eyes went back and forth a few times between his eyes and the ring before it hit me what was happening. What felt like a good 5 minutes was probably only 2 seconds but I immediately began to cry! My head went to my hands and I cried my little eyes out – all the while nodding up and down and saying YES!!

I had dreamed about what that day would be like so many times in my mind…and those dreams didn’t even come close to the actual moment. I could relive that day in my head for a thousand years and it will always make me cry. I can’t wait for what the future holds for us :)” – Melissa

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Engagement Shoot Planning Advice

“Try to find a place that’s special to the both of you – it will make your pictures that much sweeter. And you don’t have to match exactly – but try to find outfits that compliment each other and your own personality.” – Melissa


Photographer: Meredith Jamison Photography//Other Location: Lake Forest Elementary School//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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