Planning A Central Park New York Destination Elopement

As someone who has been planning weddings in Central Park for five years now with over 200 weddings, It is a joy to share this post to help couples planning a Central Park New York destination elopement.

Planning a wedding from far away can be a little nerve wracking for a couple and so it is a big part of your wedding planner to make the couple feel confident and relaxed from the beginning to the end of the process.

Planning A Central Park New York Destination Elopement

As a wedding planner advising a couple who are not New Yorkers but want a central park New York destination elopement, I would suggest that they discuss the bigger questions;

  • How long do we want to be in New York City?
  • Who will we invite? (or will we elope?)
  • When do we go? (and what will the flights cost?)
  • Where do we stay? (and what will it cost us?)

These questions don’t really fit in to one order, and the answer to one might feed in to another, the discussion gets circular.  For example, who you invite might dictate when you can go, and how long you are there, might dictate how long you stay and where if you are keeping to a budget.


The answers to these questions will help a couple get to the answer to a quite important question: what is this going to cost?  It is possible to get married in Central Park on a frugal budget but also have a big, lavish and expensive wedding as New York offers endless choices to all types of couples.

To answer these four big questions, a couple will need to know at least a bit about New York City.  They will have to think about what else they will want to do while visiting, and what else they want to do on their wedding day.  Once a couple has got the basic travel plans (and guest list) thought out, it is advised a wedding planner be involved.

A good wedding planner should be able to sort out everything for a couple to get married in Central Park, except for the marriage license, which a couple is legally required to get themselves from City Hall.

A wedding planner should also help the couple consider all the locations in Central Park and decide which spot suits them best for their wedding ceremony.  Different locations offer have different pros and cons.  In finalizing the locations, things like event permits need not be forgotten which would be required to secure the date.

For me as a ceremony focused wedding planner, I also work with the couple to write the ceremony wording, secure a suitable officiant, photographer, and other vendors required for the wedding ceremony.

Logistics planning is a very key area when planning a wedding and so your wedding planner needs to be as detailed as possible. Details such as these below are a few things I love to work on with my couples to ensure a smooth process;

  • Writing the ceremony wording for them;
  • Preparation of Timelines – such as timing of travel time from hotel to location to reception, timing of photography, etc
  • Choosing the reception location – because New York has so very much to offer when it comes to places to eat and to celebrate.

 A guest post by Claire of Wed In Central Park

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Claire has been planning weddings in Central Park for over five year.  She got married there herself in 2011 and planning that wedding inspired her to start the business helping others to do the same.  She has planned over two hundred weddings in that time for couples from all over the world.  She loves helping people to make these important promises to their partners in such a beautiful and iconic place.

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