Plaid Wedding Ideas for Your Christmas Wedding

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Every year, we’ve spoiled our amazing readers with Christmas wedding inspiration that focuses on the colors and objects that scream “Christmas” or “the Holidays”, however we’ve never really focused on plaid and the rustic festive charm it brings. So today, get ready to be mind blown with over 50 plaid wedding ideas!

What’s not to love about plaid though? So cozy and pretty! Though some might think it’s a bit difficult to incorporate to the wedding, I’m just here trying to prove how not true that is. I mean, what did you expect after I curated over 50 products to win you over to the plaid side for a Christmas wedding?

From the fashion for bride, groom and the little ones, to stationery, decor and more, we are truly swimming in a load of Christmas wedding inspiration and plaid has come to your rescue!

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Black and White Plaid wedding - Rustic Winter Elopement

Photo by Candi Leonard Photography via KnotsVilla

┬áPlaid Wedding Ideas – Shop these by Clicking on them

We. Are. In. LOVE! With every single thing that reminds us of my favorite holiday – Christmas!

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