Pink Purple Ties and Maids – Styling the Wedding Party

Styling the Wedding Party with a Ties and Maids post is here again! Let’s get one thing straight, I believe Convertible Dresses are the truth! I mean, “fit for every body type” and “versatile” is almost all I need to be sold about a dress.

Convertible dresses make me think of gorgeous mismatched bridesmaids looks. When talking of mismatching styles, it can either be in dress styles, in colors or in both. Today’s mismatched bridesmaids look is done with both. Pink and purple is yet another favorite mismatching color for me, not only because purple is my favorite color but pink and purple together is so radiant orchid! It’s kinda hard not to love the color combination.

Spotting on my Pinterest feed these gorgeous dresses with a beautiful color combination was an indication to share such beauty with KV’s readers with a KV twist; Ties and Maids. Not only are we swooning over the bridesmaids, but in this series we look at how to style the groomsmen with their ties. If the men are up for mismatching, doing so with ties is also a great way, however picking a single color for all the groomsmen could work with mismatched bridesmaids too.

Here is our Pink Purple Ties and Maids to get your wedding party styling right.

Pink-Purple-Ties-Maids (1)

Dress by Goddess by Nature | Photo by Tope Photography | Ties by Bow ‘N Ties

Ties (L – R):

Linen Skinny Neck Tie in Azalea

Mens Necktie in Violet Color

Modern Rose Petal Pink Tie in Narrow Cut

Trendy Solid Color Tie in Antique Orchid

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