Greek Orthodox Pink Blue Nautical Wedding by Joni Lynn Photography

Let’s wrap the week with thing gorgeous Pink Blue Nautical wedding shall we? Oh, what personality expressed in today’s wedding! With a Nautical wedding reception and a full blown Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony, joni lynn photo thought KV readers would appreciate this and clearly she was RIGHT!

About the Greek Orthodox Pink Blue Nautical Wedding

The couple tied the know on June 20, 2015 deciding to choose the day of Tommy’s late mother’s birthday. Tommy and Caitlin both have a love affair with the Sea and wanted so bad to have a beach wedding. However because Tommy’s family is Greek Orthodox and it would have meant the world to his dad if they got married in the Orthodox Church, Tommy and Caitlin ditched their original plan of getting married on the beach barefoot and then began planning their big fat Greek Orthodox wedding! Caitlin also then began the journey of becoming Greek Orthodox and was baptized into the church in May of 2015.

The months and weeks leading up to the wedding Caitlin scouted for anchors anywhere I could find them and fell in love with an idea of a cake stand that she found on Pinterest. Their nautical wedding translated well into the reception hall at the church. She was able to work in the anchors into the Bombonerie, traditional Greek wedding favors filled with 5 Koufeta (jordan almonds), by hand punching the tags and creating a special stamp for the favors.

“Tommy was in charge of the cake stand which was a simple nautical rope spool that he found at Westmarine. It was absolutely perfect for our wedding and even had a whale and rope on it.

One thing that I really looked forward to was putting the bouquets and the center pieces together. Many people thought I was nuts to be taking that task on the day before the wedding but it was truly a special time. My maids of honor and several of my bridesmaids live out of town and weren’t able to help with some of the other wedding stuff but this gave us time to all get together and bond before the big day.

We hand tied each of the bridal parties bouquets and arranged all of the centerpieces for the reception and in the church. I ordered the flowers in bulk from Costco and had them delivered the Thursday before the wedding so that the blooms had a few days to open up before the wedding.

We had so much fun planning the wedding and a lot of love and hard work went into it! We had so much fun with Joni as our photographer! My favorite photos from the night were taken at the very end when it finally got dark. Joni took a great shot of Tommy dipping me, with a top hat on, in front of the church. Its my favorite!” – Caitlin

Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-shoes Pink-wedding-shoes Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-bride Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-couple Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-anchor Greek-orthodox-wedding Greek-orthodox-wedding-ceremony Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-ceremony Greek-orthodox-wedding-couple pink-blue-nautical-wedding-signs Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-rings Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-kids-table Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-menu Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-bridesmaids Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-bridal Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-knotsvilla Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-groomsmen Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-cake Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-favors pink-blue-nautical-wedding-signage Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-bible Greek-orthodox-pink-blue-nautical-wedding-couple-shot

The Proposal (In Tommy’s Words)

“Once I knew I wanted to propose I had to figure out how I was going to do it and how I was going to make it special. I can recall Caitlin saying at some point in time that she had always dreamed of being proposed to in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland.

This posed a problem for me. How was I going to get her there without her suspecting anything? Me saying, “lets go to Disneyland” would be like saying, “what size ring are you?” She would have definitely known that I was up to something. Shortly after, I learned that my buddy Nate had never been to Disneyland before. That was my in.

When Caitlin learned that our good friend Nate had never been to the Magic Kingdom she made it her personal quest in life to make it happen. My plan was set in motion. She planned and coordinated her own engagement trip and never suspected a thing and I was the mastermind behind it. On February 12,2014 Caitlin, myself, Nate, and his girlfriend Jacqueline packed up the Mini Cooper and set out for our destination. DISNEYLAND or BUST!

On the morning of February 13th before we got to the park, I knew I wanted to wait a little bit, go on a few rides, and think about what I was going to say and work out how it was all gonna go down. I told Nate my plan so that we were on the same page. Once we got into the park we shopped around a little bit and as we were walking down Main Street, we started talking about which rides we wanted to go on first. Caitlin asked Nate where he wanted to go first since it was supposed to be his special day. Nate shocked me by telling her he wanted to go to Cinderella’s castle first which I was not ready for whatsoever. I needed more time but we went there first (against my wishes).

It was a beautiful day and we took a few pictures and admired Cinderella’s castle. Next, we went on a few rides which I quickly discovered was not very much fun for me with a loose engagement ring floating around in my pocket. Every time we got off a ride I had to exit the ride with my hand in my pocket for fear of losing it. This really stressed me out.

As lunch time approached Caitlin was ready to hit the bar for a margarita and get some food. I figured it was now or never. That way once I did it we could all have a celebratory drink. So, I texted Nate and let him know that it was time. As we were leaving Adventure Land Caitlin was trying to herd our group towards the exit gates while doing a margarita dance. We insisted that we go back to the castle for a min which Caitlin was not too happy about since we had already been there first thing but she gave in since it was Nate’s special day.

I had a hard time getting her to stand with me over by the wall where I wanted to do my thing and say my prepared speech. She was trying to wander around and she wouldn’t stay still. It was getting hot out and all she wanted was that drink. At some point she started walking away and I finally had to grab her and I said, “can you just stay still for a second I have one thing to ask you?!” Then I dropped to one knee and busted the ring out and said, “Will you marry me?”

The look on her face was priceless. Once she saw that I wasn’t joking and when she was able to speak again she finally said, “YES, Obviously!” There were tears and pictures and clapping. That my friends is the story of our proposal. “

Wedding planning Advice

“Have fun! Stay relaxed and try not to get too stressed out! Enjoy every minute of planning your wedding, it will only happen once!” – Caitlin


Photographer: joni lynn photo//Makeup Artist: Noelle Denny Makeup Artistry//Beauty: RED DODGE MAKEUP ARTISTRY//Other: Riveria Events & Cocktails//Reception Venue: Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church //Hair Stylist: Salon Patine//Caterer: Santa Barbara Premier Catering//Cake Designer: Your Cake Baker//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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