Pillow Fight Engagement by Melissa & Beth Photography

When: June 01, 2016 | Where: Bonner Springs, Kansas | Theme: Casual, Pillow Fight

KnotsVilla is always in search of creatively themed events so when we received this submission, we were pretty stoked by it. I mean, how often do you get to see engagement sessions styled around pillow fights? This light-hearted and romantic pillow fight engagement session is full of smiles, kisses, cuddles and belly laughs, as Jill & CJ wanted their photos to be unique and true to who they are. A beautiful cream iron bed was set up in the studio, and a couple of big fluffy down pillows were opened up to create the full set as Melissa & Beth captured these two lovebirds.

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About the Couple

“He proposed to me at a Royals game. It was a normal date day at the Royals game then during the seventh inning stretch he was stretching really strangely then got down on one knee. ­čÖé We actually met through a mutual friend, and when I say mutual friend I mean my ex-boyfriend and his ex-best friend…lol!

We met on the way to a high school football game and, he thought I was a total snob. Then when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, CJ and I started texting and became best friends. CJ is still my absolute best friend. We do EVERYTHING together. We’ve been dating for almost 6 years, and I can’t imagine not spending another minute without him.” – Jill

Wedding Planning Advice

“Don’t stress about the little details of your wedding. Your wedding is about you and the person you are going to marry. It doesn’t matter where you are or who is there. All you need to worry about is that special moment between the two of you. That’s what you’re going to remember in 50 years.” – Jill


Photographer:  Melissa & Beth//Studio Venue: Melissa & Beth Photography Studio//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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