Picture Perfect Christmas Holiday Cards for Newlyweds

Finally, we are in the clear to start spreading some holiday cheer now thanksgiving is all wrapped up! Yes, I’m such a Christmas holiday lover! We are starting up the holiday cheer on this blog with these picture perfect Christmas Holiday cards for newlyweds! There’s something too special about a holiday card when it shows off a couple ever so in love, especially when it’s a newly wedded pair!

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So we’ve spotted 10 favorite Christmas holiday cards from lovely stores (Tinyprints, Etsy and Minted) that are customizable with photos of newlyweds. Keep in mind that it’s not the photos on these cards that make them our favorites (though they are lovely!), but other styling elements such as color, font, layout, pattern, text and more.

Tip: To get your newlywed Christmas holiday card looking great, use clean and clear photos and choose a style that best communicates your relationship or wedding as a whole.

christmas holiday cards for newlyweds from etsy and tinyprints

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1.  Our First Christmas As Newlyweds Card | 2. Merry and Married Card | 3. Married and Bright Holiday Christmas Card | 4. Blue and Silver Dotted Card | 5. Blue and White Christmas Photo Card | 6. Berries Aplenty: Holiday Flat Holiday Photo Cards | 7. Merry Together: White Flat Holiday Photo Cards | 8. Patterned Pair: Slate Flat Holiday Photo Cards | 9. Merrily Ever After: Black Flat Holiday Photo Cards | 10. Yuletide Couple: Black Flat Holiday Photo Cards

christmas holiday cards for newlyweds from minted

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1. Our First Married Christmas Photo Card | 2. XO Holiday Photo Card | 3. Classic Love Holiday Photo Card | 4. We are Merry Forever Holiday Photo Cards | 5. Mr & Mrs Holiday Photo Card | 6. Speckled wreath Holiday Photo Cards | 7. Merry and Married Collage Holiday Photo Card | 8. Married Christmas Sprig Holiday Card

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