Must-have Items for a Perfect Bridal Look

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding and movie directors aren’t that far off the mark when they film scenes of brides-to-be freaking out about color schemes and table napkins. However, once you’ve got the venue, invitations, registry, floral arrangements and music down to a tee, it’s time to focus on adding the finishing touches on the most important part of the preparations: your bridal look.

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Perfect Bridal Look

While the dress is probably one of the earliest purchases a bride makes for her wedding ceremony, other details like accessories, flowers and shoes don’t always make it to the top of the list. If you’re still looking for that stunning jewelry piece that will complete your look, you might be able to get some useful pointers.


A statement necklace

An increasingly popular bridal trend, the statement necklace will certainly add some sparkle and style to your wedding day look. Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles, statement necklaces can be a great way to draw attention to your lovely frame as long as the style you choose compliments your dress’ neckline and style.

If you are choosing a bold statement necklace, try to keep the rest of your bridal jewelry minimal and in sync with the necklace so it doesn’t look too much.

Bridal statement necklaces(1)

Timeless pearl jewelry

Pearls have a timeless elegance that has always worked wonderfully with the bridal look so it’s no wonder that they’ve stayed so popular with bridal designers and jewelers through the years. Incorporating pearls into your wedding outfit will do more than make you look and feel sophisticated and bridal, it will allow you a lot of versatility.

If your bridal style is romantic and demure you can choose a modern pearl jewelry set but you can also opt for a hair piece instead if you’ve already picked out a wedding jewelry.

A simple strand of small pearls can be incorporated into your flower bouquet to give it a more bridal feel and a pearl and crystal statement necklace will bring together the classic elegance of the first with the modern sparkle of the latter. Regardless of how you incorporate them, pearls will never look better on you than when you’re wearing a wedding gown.

bridal look pearl

A bridal clutch

Often times the purse or clutch that you’re going to use on your wedding day is the last thing on your mind but when you realize you don’t have it the importance of matching it to your gown and accessories sinks in. You can’t just use an everyday bag for your wedding, nor do you have to, there are some amazing bridal clutches out there to choose from.

Naturally, the clutch you decide to get should fit your unique style, your bridal look and your wedding theme so browse around for some available options before going back to your bridal store.


A stunning hairpiece

Remember when the veil was the only option you had for adorning your beautiful bridal hairdo? That is no longer the case: bridal hairpieces have not only become more popular over the past few years, they’ve also gotten more gorgeous.

Designers have been creating some stunning jewelry hairpieces that will surely compliment your lovely veil and make you shine on your wedding day so don’t be afraid to find one that you fall in love with. Whether they’re decorated with crystals, pearls, lace or beading, the wonderful hairpieces that you can find will make your bridal look feel complete.

Depending on the style of your dress, how much jewelry you will be wearing and how long and decorated your veil is, the hairpiece that you choose should embellish your hairdo without overpowering your other accessories.

So if you’re wearing a strong, statement jewelry piece and a long, full veil a more demure hair comb or some stylish hair pins might be the best accessories for you. However if your bridal look could use some sparkle in the hair department don’t hesitate to choose a bold, statement hair piece that will complete your outfit. There are so many options and designs that you are sure to find a lovely hair piece that is perfect for you.

Bhldn Hair2

Shoulder jewelry or a bolero

The style of your dress, the length of your veil, the design of your jewelry, all of these important aspects of your wedding-day look are often influenced by the venue, location and the specific details of your ceremony.

Many brides don’t realize that they need something to cover the shoulders or add some sparkle to the neckline until they see the location of the ceremony, the lighting of the venue and the massive difference that the decorations have once they’ve been set up.

You may need to cover up your shoulders for a church ceremony or draw some attention to your dress if the lighting isn’t in your favor once the sun starts going down so a bolero or some shoulder jewelry might come in handy when you least expect it.

Strapless dresses have been very popular lately but for those of us still needing some form of sleeve there are many lovely bolero designs available so that we don’t have to alter our dream dresses and still get that extra coverage we need. Want to add some sparkle to your gown and can’t find the right necklace for you? Shoulder jewelry pieces can be a lovely twist on any bridal look and will definitely ensure that all eyes stay on you.

bridal shoulder jewelry

A bridal belt or sash

Bridal belts and sashes can be a great option for defining your waist and adding some extra sparkle to your wedding gown. Not only are there thousands of gorgeous designs to choose from but they also come with some stunning crystal and pearl appliques that are sure to embellish your gown and make your midsection look both slimmer and more contoured.

So if you need to add a bit more detail to your bridal look just pick one of the many available styles and designs and start shopping. With so many options out there you’re bound to find a belt or a sash that is perfect for your bridal look.


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