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Happy #WeddingWednesday, today we are stopping by another of our series we have dearly missed – Ties and Maids, this time for a Peach Wedding! Hopefully you haven’t forgotten this post style but just in case you have, we match gorgeous Bridesmaids looks to Ties for the groomsmen. We take into consideration not just to colors but also to the style/theme we get from the bridesmaids and find the right ties to compliment to the look.

In the past we have covered Pink/Purple styling and the Pastel styling. Today we bring you a Peach wedding style featuring 3 different peach bridesmaids dresses perfect for mismatching!

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The 3 selected bridesmaids dresses are from Weddington Way. Here we have 2 short dresses, 1 long one, all with different necklines. The difference in lengths and necklines would be a perfect way to work around the different body types of bridesmaids in the same wedding party, while still giving a charming look. Paying attention to these differences help create the perfect mismatched bridal party look!

First dress election from the left is the Donna Morgan Blaire dress, an elegant Chiffon cocktail length Bridesmaid Dress with a sweetheart neckline. In the middle we have the Donna Morgan Rhea Dress. With a flattering waistline and a one-strap neckline, this dress is easily my favorite from the selection. Lastly is the long elegant flat silk chiffon dress with a more pronounced sweet heart neckline – the Donna Morgan Laura Dress.

Peach Wedding Style Ties and Maids (1)

For the ties, we lodged over at The Tie Bar for all our selection. Thinking of colors that would complement the bridesmaids dresses but still keep the calm feel of a Peach wedding, I decided to stick with Peach/Coral, Gold/Champagne and light Pink ties.

From Left to Right: Pindot Coral Necktie, Grosgrain Solid Champagne BowtieGrosgrain Solid Spring Pink Bowtie and the Grosgrain Solid Spring Pink Necktie.

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