Peach and Mint Bridesmaid Look

So this week we kept through the theme of Bridesmaids and of course I enjoyed it seeing as I may never be a bridesmaid in my life again so this is the closest excitement I can come to having *weeps*. Today I’m rounding up the week with a look for the Peach and Mint Bridesmaid.

I picked out one of the dresses you all must have seen from the Monday’s post and worked with it. This WTOO bridesmaids dress happens to be one of my favorites from the collection so I definitely enjoyed using it for this style board. I hope you enjoy the look too; perfect for a summer, spring or even fall wedding (the mint actually makes me consider it for a winter wedding too!)

Peach-Mint-Bridesmaids-StyleGet the Look: Peach Bridesmaids Dress by WTOO | Double Ankle Strap Heels by New Look | Stud Earrings by Banana Republic | Ombre Stretch Bracelet by Banana Republic | Rose Bouquet photo via The Wedding Specialists

Any favorite piece on this board? After the dress my eyes are stuck on those shoes, too gorgeous!

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