Pastel Ties and Maids – Styling for the Wedding Party

Mismatched bridesmaids were a “thing” last year and because it was a pretty thing, I am totally rooting for it this year. That is why I have started our Ties and Maids series were we pick out a gorgeous set of bridesmaids (mainly mismatched) and see how the groomsmen could complement them with their ties.

We are starting this series with these Pastel ladies KV featured in the Mint & Pink Wedding inspiration last year. Clearly this mismatched ladies are a favorite of mine, not just because the colors are pretty, but because these dress are my kind of “re-wearable” dresses; the ones you don’t dump after the wedding because you have nowhere else to wear them to.

Pastel Ties and Maids

Pastel Ties and Maids - Styling for the Wedding Party

The tie selection are from the San Francisco based store called Bows ‘N Ties.

Left to Right: Light Pastel Pink Neck Tie |  Summer Silk Tie in Mint Green | Rose Pink Grenadine Weave Neck Tie | Handwoven Clover Green Tie

Bridesmaids photo by Shipra Panosian via Ruffled Blog

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