Pastel Pink Blue Wedding Bouquet | Petals To Palettes 21

Oh my pastel Beauty….why so gorgeous!?! Today is the 21st edition of Petals to Palettes and this Pastel Pink Blue wedding bouquet is taking our breaths away…far away! For lovers of the pastel color family, we can all agree the softness they carry makes it always a perfect combination for anything romantic – like a wedding!

This Pastel Pink Blue Wedding Bouquet I stumbled upon was carefully and thoughtfully designed by Westwood Heaven Scent Florist which was captured by Jessica Crews Photography. Though Spring is over, our Pastel love is never out of season!

We hope this Petals to Palettes post can inspire your upcoming wedding when looking for the perfect color combination, because that’s really the point of it – to inspire you! Catch up on our various Petals to Palettes posts and find your perfect wedding colors from gorgeous bouquets!

Pastel Pink Blue Wedding Bouquet | Petals To Palettes 21

Pastel Pink Blue Wedding Bouquet

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