Pantone Marsala Bridesmaid Style

Hello readers and happy Fashion Friday! With all the Pantone-Marsala-color-of-the-Year hype this week, I decided to highlight a gorgeous Pantone Marsala Bridesmaid style on the blog today. Last week Thursday I created the Pantone Marsala Inspiration board and ever since then, I have been seeing this yummy marsala color everywhere – I mean, everywhere on my Pinterest! With all that Marsala everywhere, I stumbled on this Dessy Lux Chiffon Dress, I quickly pinned it knowing I would be back to explore a bridesmaid’s style with it – today is that day.

With this style board, I stayed within the gold boundaries and made it more of a two-colored board, even though I was tempted to add an extra color. This style is definitely for a more reserved but stylish bridesmaid who pretty much knows how to make this color work. Normally, I stay away from wearing necklaces with the same color of a dress but something about this chiffon bridesmaid’s dress makes me give an exception to that rule. I think it is all that bare neck and off shoulder.

The shoes are not my “typical” bridesmaids shoes but I happily included them because this bridesmaid is nothing close to “typical”. The shoes are stylish and quite versatile, working with long dresses, short dresses and even a casual look with skinny jeans. Adding those gorgeous flowers was key to making this board a bit softer. You can spot the very light peach flowers added to the bouquet with white anemone flowers filling it up, yet the red ones still making a statement – the Catskill Flower Shop bouquet sure had me at hello!

Pantone Marsala-Bridesmaid (1)

Shop the Look (Affiliate links used)

Dessy Lux Chiffon Bridesmaids Dress $252

Giles & Brother Mixed-Metal Chain Bracelet, Yellow/Rose • Giles & Brother • $89.60 

Kate Spade New York Cluster Earrings • Kate Spade • $68.00

Juliet & Company Serenite Necklace • Juliet & Company • $66.00

C Label Olive-4 Sandal • C Label • $44.95

Wedding Bouquet by Catskill Flower Shop via Style Me Pretty

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