Overwhelmed By Blogging? 4 Ways to Get Over It


A few weeks ago, I had the talk. I refer to it as “the talk” because it comes up quite often in the blogging world, especially within my circle. It’s the issue of feeling overwhelmed by blogging.

You see, many of us run our blogs full time in the sense that everyday, there is fresh content available. Some of us keep regular business hours by only updating it from Mondays to Fridays and actually take the weekend up to rest. In the middle of all of this, some also have full time day jobs which require them to be “at work” for about 7 hours for 5 days a week. So you get my point? Blogging can get overwhelming!

Overwhelmed by Blogging

This was the talk I had with my friend and I tried my best to encourage her with some tips I thought of on the spot once I received her message. This post is about the ways to get over the overwhelming feeling of blogging if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

1. Pace Yourself

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or only months, it’s always best to be able to pace yourself and to do so reasonably. By pacing yourself, I mean setting realistic goals of how much posts you’d generate a week, how much time you’d spend on each post and what days these posts would be published. It’s all about scheduling right according to your strength and then keeping to it.

Only you knows how busy you are, so you are the only one in the right position to come up with how many number of posts per week is reasonable and attainable. In the blogging world, it is easy to see one blogger posts 5 times a day, every week and feel like you are lagging behind. This one of the ways people get overwhelmed – by comparing and trying to “keep up with the blogger Joneses”. To avoid this or get over it, pull your focus back to you, your ability, your schedule and let those help you make the right decision.

2. Take A Break

While you are feeling overwhelmed by blogging, another way to get over it is to take a break. I know, sometimes we are so convinced that if we take breaks then our page views decline and as a blogger that’s almost equivalent to your boss putting you on probation! But think about it, what’s worth more to you? Your page views or your sanity?

If you truly feel a break is needed, don’t be ashamed to take it. Inform your readers you’d be taking some time off, give them an idea of when you’d be back and take that well needed break. Most times you’d come back refreshed with better blogging ideas and a renewed love for the art of blogging!

3. Use Your Easiest & Favorite Post Style

As a wedding blogger, there are top kind of posts you’d see; real wedding events, inspiration/idea posts and Wedding Planning advice, Fashion & Style Boards and Vendor Spotlight. Individual bloggers have their particular posts which I’d describe as “When In Doubt, Post this!”. These are the posts that are fun, your viewers like them but most importantly, they come easy to you.

In that period where you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are not ready to take a break off blogging, you can focus on these kinds of posts. Because they come easy to you and don’t require much work, posting such may be able to take off some of the pressure while you have more time to get your blogging mojo back!

4. Make Use Of Your Network

I can not stress enough how important having a blogging network is. This is your blogging support system; fellow bloggers who you know you can call on when you are in blogging distress. They are probably bloggers who are no longer just blog buddies but have now become friends.

When blogging gets overwhelming for you and you feel like you are stretching yourself thin, reach out to your blogging support system and make good use of them through guest blog posts! It can be new posts or a reblog of what they have shared on their blog, either way it is something to keep your readers busy while to recuperate.

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What are some of your tips on getting back your blogging mojo when you feel overwhelmed? Do share!

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3 Responses

  1. Berry Dakara

    Hmmm. When I get overwhelmed, honestly I just shut down. Posts become fewer and less frequent until I get my mojo back. Sometimes I tweak a draft post and put it up, or pick a very random thought/experience and run with it as a post.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    • Kathy Jesperson

      I agree with that Berry. I’m trying new techniques to get up and running again because shutting down just isn’t working for me anymore. I like the idea of reworking old posts. Thanks for that suggestion.

  2. Kathy Jesperson

    Sometimes I feel like I can’t write another word. These are good suggestions. Thanks for sharing them.


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