Outdoor Virginia Engagement by Bellamanda Photography


You may have caught the memo – this week is an engagement session week! I figured we might as well keep the “aww-ish” posts for the Valentine’s week.

Olivia & Jonathan had previously had an engagement session but since they booked a different photographer for their wedding – Bellamanda Photography, they agreed to another session so they could get comfortable in front of the cameras of the Bellamanda Photography team – smart idea!

Hope you enjoy this Outdoor Virginia Engagement Session along with the beauty of nature. *Dear winter pack up and go, I’m thinking Spring already!*

Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-09 Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-076 Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-097 Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-obw Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-oj Engagement-Ring-Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0Rustic-Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-SessionOutdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0hh Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-000 Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0bwOutdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0tOutdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0pi Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0g Outdoor-Virginia-Spring-Engagement-Session-0k

Speaking of using two different photographers, were both your engagement session photos and wedding photos taken by the same photographer? If not, what was the reason and how was the outcome? If you have any pointers in regards to that for brides and grooms please share.

Photographer:  Bellamanda Photography (Badge it up with the “Featured on KnotsVilla” badge!)

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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