Outdoor Rustic Wedding by Sarah Lyn Photography

December 1st needs to start with some serious gorgeousness and this Outdoor Rustic wedding photographed by Sarah Lyn Photography is here to ensure that. Jason and Ronajae’s wedding took place on the Choctawhatchee Bay along the Emerald Coast of Destin, FL. The couple opted for a “first look” before the ceremony which was easily their most favorite part as they insisted on spending time with their guests during cocktail hour instead of taking their photos then.

About the Outdoor Rustic Wedding by Sarah Lyn Photography

When: October 25, 2014 | Where: Destin, Florida | Colors: Blue & Purple


How They Met

Ronajee and Jason are both civilians working for the military and we both work for the same organization. In fall 2011, RJ was on her last deployment and this time, she chose to go to Afghanistan. She was stationed in southern parts of Afghanistan, while he was on his first deployment and was stationed in northern Afghanistan.During their deployment, their paths crossed as RJ’s team visited the field office, where Jason worked at.

When RJ and Jason first saw each other, it was nothing but a casual introduction. Then, one day, the entire office (about 12 people, including the visitors) went to lunch at the dining facility, Jason and RJ happened to be sitting right across from each other, and who knew that these two would have chemistry!? Though they can’t remember the exact conversation, they do remember the feeling of nobody existing around them while they talked in that dining facility.

Proposal Story

One day in August 2013, Jason managed to take a trip to Nashville, TN (which was about 2 hrs away from where we resided) to pick out THE ring. RJ had no idea, since she was under the impression that Jason was going to see a scary movie she was too afraid to watch (it was The Conjuring), while she went to the driving range with her girlfriends. At the driving range, RJ was somehow informed that Jason was also at a driving range; RJ didn’t know about this and wasn’t too thrilled to hear about it. Little did she know, Jason was being sneaky for a reason.

Fast-forward to mid-September 2013, Jason and RJ went to Pennsylvania to attend Jason’s friends’ wedding (Dave and Jan) and for Jason’s root canal procedure (crazy, huh?). On this weekend trip, they also visited and stayed with Jason’s family. RJ was “extra” excited for this trip since the summer because she wanted to stop by her favorite local ice cream shop. Jason promised her that they’d stop by during the trip and Friday was the only day they could go. On that Friday afternoon, Jason and RJ finally found time to go for ice cream; however, RJ lost her craving. Jason suggested they go for a drive anyway in hopes that RJ will regain her craving and to give his parents some time to pack for their weekend trip to eastern Pennsylvania.

Jason and RJ drove around the many back roads of Jason’s hometown, stopped by a local bar (where everyone knew everyone’s name), and then drove by this old railroad tracks in the woods. As they were driving, RJ thought of random episodes of Criminal Minds and asked, “I’m not going to die out here in the woods, am I?” Jason reassured her that she would be safe and had nothing to worry about. On their way back to the house (since Jason had to use the bathroom and RJ had some laundry to do), RJ saw a male deer on the side of the road. RJ asked if it was a good luck buck, considering it was Friday the 13th. Jason responded “maybe”.

When they arrived at the house, Jason’s parents have left for their weekend trip. Jason opened the door and there were rose petals covering the path leading to the candle-lit living room where 2 dozen roses and champagne waiting for them. RJ was in disbelief (saying a lot of OMGs as a matter of fact)! Then, Jason got down on one knee, held her hand in one hand and a black velvet box in the other, and started off with “From the day I met you, I knew you were the one….” And there were a few sentences after that, but neither RJ nor Jason remembers. He then opened the box holding THE ring (which apparently he sent to his mom’s about a month ago) and asked those four words RJ has been waiting for and her response was “Are you sure???!!!” But of course, she said YES!!!!

Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-ceremony-sarah-lyn Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-ceremony-bridesmaids Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-ceremony Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-sarah-lyn-ceremony Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-program Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-reception-centerpieces Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-mason-jars Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-centerpieces Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-cake-purple-flowers Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-rception-details Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-dance-couple Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-dancing Outdoor-Rustic-wedding-couple-dance

Wedding Planning Advice – Ronajae

During the wedding planning, the most important elements to us were the venue, catering, photographer and DJ. You’ve got to have the venue that you both love; a caterer that serves really good food and amenities such as servers, plates, utensils, glasses, etc. at a great price; a photographer that would make the whole event of taking photos fun (I think that’s key in taking portraits/candid pictures because you don’t want pictures of awkward/forced poses (these are your memories frozen in time after all, since the wedding day will go by so fast); and a great DJ that can entertain the crowd — more people on the dance floor, the more fun people will have!!


Photographer: Sarah Lyn Photography//DJ: Vaugh VanAmburg DJ//Floral Designer: Florals By The Sea//Dress Designer: Mori Lee//Cake Designer: Sweet For Sirten//Event Venue: The Destin Bay House//Event Designer: The Eventful Planner//

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