Outdoor Country Engagement by elovephotos

Our Tuesday “pick me up” is this laid back outdoor country engagement session by elovephotos. Christian and Emily had their session at the Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park, California, early in the year and we have the opportunity to see the pair in their country session; Cowboy hats, boots and all!

About the Couple & Proposal

“We met at an EFY church camp when we were both 14. I wrote in my journal that I was going to marry him one day, and he liked me and every other girl haha. We became best friends quickly though. Then we talked on the phone everyday for about three years and got to know each other very well as we dated other people in high school since we didn’t live nearby.

Then when I was going to college my parents told me I could see him in person because they wanted me to get over him so I wouldn’t miss out on dating opportunities in college. That plan didn’t work and we ended up flying to see each other at least once a month after that, until he left on his mission.

After a year of that, he left to serve an LDS church mission in South America for two years. After not seeing him for two years, but writing over email only, he came home and proposed one day later at the lake where we had our first kiss. He proposed without a ring actually, and said that the only thing he had to give me was the promise that the two years he spent away, which kept him from being able to afford a nice ring, went in to making him a man ready to be a husband that would treat me right and always love me. It was pretty sappy so I will spare you the details!” – Emily.

Country-engagement-session-hats Country-engagement-session-kiss-hat Country-engagement-session-hat Country-engagement-session-shoot Country-engagement-session-california Country-engagement-session-knotsvilla Country-engagement-session-rings Country-engegement-session Country-engagement-session-shoot-green Country-engagement-session-letters Country-engagement-session-letter-reading Country-engagement-session-elove-photos Country-engagement-session-outdoor Country-engagement-session-the-letters Country-engagement-session-love-sand Country-engagement-session-up Country-engagement-session-boots-footwear


Photographer: elovephotos//Other Location: Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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