Oh My!! Please tell me this is a Joke!!

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The title…yeah, that was my reaction when I read about Bittsey and her step-mom, hence the photo ūüėÄ
Bittsey’s parents are divorced and are both are remarried, but as expected, it’s still kind of a¬†sensitive¬†subject in her family. Bittsey is currently planning her wedding and went shopping with my step-mom for her dress on Saturday. The next day, Bittsey get’s this email from ¬†her step-mom:

Your Dad and I were thinking about renewing our vows and since he will be in a tux for your wedding and I’ll be in a long dress, would it be okay if we did it at the same time as your ceremony (kind of like a double wedding)? We can split the cost of the church. Also, for the reception, we would need to invite just a few friends but we can pay for their meals.

Talk it over with the Groom and let us know.

I was reading this and all I could repeat in my head was “Oh this has got to be a joke!” and I am not even the bride. LOL! Except this is a Bride’s dream – to have a double wedding with someone dear to her heart like¬†best friend¬† sister or mom – this has to be every Bride’s worst nightmare! Most brides are not even excited when a guest shows up in white, so you can imagine the feeling when there is literally another Bride.

Bittsey obviously¬†wasn’t¬†taking it lightly at all. According to her “I about had a heart attack!” She spent the whole day agonizing over how to tell her step mom “No” without offending her until she found out it was a prank her Dad and Step-mom came up with.

Now I am here thinking, “That’s a couple with a very HIGH sense of humor” ūüôā
I love me some Wedding Day pranks!!

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