October 2016 Pink Tourmaline Wedding Style

Just before we say good bye to the month of October, we finally have our birthstone wedding inspired post! Today we are swooning over the color pink in this October 2016 Pink Tourmaline Wedding Style board.

The month of October has 2 birthstones, Tourmaline and Opal, however we are focusing on Tourmaline today because it is a favorite due to it’s availability in a rainbow of beautiful colors. One of the most common (and favorite) colors of Tourmaline stone is the Pink, which we are using for our wedding inspiration today.

This pink is bold and beautiful, it’s loud and feminine! We can’t get enough of this shade of pink, what may refer to as Hot Pink. Here’s another favorite Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration post.

Looking to use a birthstone as your wedding inspiration? It could be a birthday or an anniversary; pick a month, find the birthstone and include the color in your wedding!

October 2016 Pink Tourmaline Wedding Style

Pink Tourmaline Wedding Style

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