Oak Lodge Rustic Wedding by La Candella Weddings

It’s no shocker at all that here on KV we are total suckers for Fall and Rustic weddings, nothing like a good and tasteful fall wedding makes our hearts flutter, especially when we get to share with our readers. Andrea and Chad’s Oak Lodge Rustic wedding totally lives up to that standard and you can see why with these gorgeous photos by La Candella Weddings!

Andrea was very detailed in her words about the day, so we decided to keep it that way, read all the fun details of how they met, how Chad popped the question and how the wedding came together!

About the Wedding

Where: Pennsylvania | When: October 13, 2015 | Theme: Fall, Rustic | Colors: Red, Orange

oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-hair oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-dress oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-accessories oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-bouquet oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-shoes Oak Lodge Rustic Wedding by La Candella Weddings oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-rings-dogs

“My name a little over two years ago was Andrea Barry. I was a happy, single, workaholic going about my everyday life in the city of Harrisburg, PA with no thoughts of marriage in sight. I had joined an online dating site a few months earlier that was targeted towards uber busy gals and guys like myself, but had never actually gone out on a date with anyone this way. One day I received a message from, little did I know at the time, my future husband. He was handsome, rugged, smart, funny, and most eye catching to a grammar freak like myself, he had impeccable writing skills!

Before I made a move, I did what any girl would do first, and I emailed it to my best friend to approve, ha! She quickly gave the go ahead and we began an incredibly moving back-and-forth conversation that resulted in our first date!

Being in my late 20’s, this was obviously not my first date, but I shocked my best friend when I undoubtedly told her what I’d never ever said before this day or any other first date…”I am about to meet my SOULMATE!” Her unforgettable words to me that she included in her maid of honor speech were, “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.” We still have a good laugh about that one, because as it turns out, I was completely right!

oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-groom oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-party oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-pair oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-chapel-bell oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-bride-dress-back-view oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-groomsmen oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-kiss oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-kiss-hair-view

My last first date was still the best one I’ve ever had. My husband is a sort of BBQ aficionado, and I found out later that the BBQ restaurant that he took me to was a test of sorts to make sure I wasn’t just a side salad kind of girl! I passed apparently with flying colors because I sure know my way around a plate of BBQ!

After our dinner, we took a walk that we still joke was like something straight out of a Nicholas Spark’s novel. My future husband, ever the gentleman, put out his arm for me to place in his and we strolled along the river, the background being a gorgeous lit bridge, and right then it started to rain! Oh, NO, NO, NO, I thought. My curls started to get soaked and my hair weighed down, mascara starting to run, and right there and then telling me I looked more beautiful than ever was Chad, my blue eyed, blond haired knight in shining armor that kissed me that very moment in the rain! It was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it! That’s how I’ve felt about my life every day since, too!

The one part that made everything so difficult is that Chad had to move to Kansas within three months! Had it been any other circumstances, I would have never even considered such a life altering move, but we both knew we were with our soulmates, and never wanted to be apart. I wrapped up some things in Pennsylvania and moved with Chad halfway across the country into our home in Kansas!

We had talked about marriage from the very beginning and after a year into our relationship, my soon to be FIANCE drove me to the place we went to on our first date in Kansas. Both of us loving the outdoors, it was a beautiful tree we dubbed ours that we had picnicked at months prior. It was beautiful out and I thought we were going to look at the sunset from there during my favorite time of the year and befittingly my middle name: Autumn!

Instead, when we walked to the top of the hill, Chad told me to close my eyes. My heart was racing and now finally,*DING*, I had an idea what was going on! But, all of a sudden, I heard this loud noise that sounded like a lawnmower. I opened my eyes and our tree had been decorated from top to bottom with lights and with Chad down on one knee, I barely remember all of what came out except, “I will love you now, forever, and always…Gorgeous, Andrea Autumn Barry, will you marry me?” in a quivering tone I had never heard come out of Chad before.

Without hesitating, I squealed “YES!” He put a gorgeous filigree heart shaped ring on my finger and we basked in the glow of the light for a while until I realized that that sound wasn’t a lawnmower at all! Chad had had to lug a giant generator to the top of that hill and cover it in the bushes just to set the scene!

oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-couple oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-couple-la-candella oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-couple-photo oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-couple-chapel oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-kv-couple oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-knotsvilla

My prince charming and I were now ready to plan our wedding, and yay ladies, right? Wrong, lol! My husband’s family is from Ohio and mine from Pennsylvania, so we started what we hadn’t realized would be the very daunting task of planning our small, rustic dream wedding from halfway across the country!

Luckily for me, my husband is very handy, and everything I found on Pinterest, he was excited to make. That means the rustic cake stand out of wood with our initials carved into it, a wishing well, photo frames and everything I found that would fit our vision. There was just one problem. We had visions of a wood beamed chapel with stain glass windows with a lodge that our families could stay at that was in between both families!

Luckily, fate stepped in as it had so many times in our relationship, and we found the gorgeous Oak Lodge in Donegal, PA that was down to a “T” everything we ever wanted! From that point on we booked everyone, and I mean everyone…from caterers, to bakers, to our insanely amazing photographer, florist, etc, all without ever tasting, trialing, or meeting in person and from Kansas!

The day of the wedding, I could not have been happier that we planned it ourselves as everything miraculously came into place perfectly with us seeing almost everything we had planned for the very first time that day. It was truly magical and the foliage on October 13th, 2015, was a gorgeous backdrop and exactly everything we had hoped for and so much more!

The chapel on site with those stains glass windows and huge wood beams (even a bell we could ring!) that we imagined before we knew it existed, was where I nervously stood with my Dad after the bridal party had entered. Before the doors opened, my Dad ever so lovingly looked at me and said something I’ll never forget, and something he knew he would only be able to say one last time…”I love you, Miss Andrea Barry!”, and we walked down the aisle, tears already starting to well up.

I beamed at my husband to be the whole way down though, and we were married right there and then by none other than the Mayor of the town! It was stunning, magical, enchanting, and anything and everything you could ever want your wedding to the man of your dreams to be.

We celebrated ‘til the evening where we rounded out the night with our bridal party in the backyard melting marshmallows over a bonfire and drinking champagne! That is our fairytale that we still live every day, and the day that I became Mrs. Andrea Nagel!” – Andrea

oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-cupcakes-fall oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-cake-fall oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-cupcakes oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-reception-couple oak-lodge-rustic-wedding-dance


Photographer: La Candella Weddings//Jewelry: Cynthia Couture Bridal (Artfire)//Makeup Artist: Bethany Montecalvo//Caterer: Elegant Catering//Dress Designer: Jim Hjelm//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Joseph & Feiss//Ring Designer: Kredum//Other: Maysilk//Dress Store: Mia’s Bridal//Dress Designer: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner//Reception Venue: Oak Lodge//Cake Designer: Pastor’s Bakery//Other: Prairie Fire Winery//Floral Designer: Ridgeview Acres Farm//Jewelry: Ross-Simons//Ring Designer: Valina//Shoes: Vince Camuto//Other: woodenartgallery//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing our story, in my words, and our pictures from our brilliant photographer! My husband and I feel honored that after all the work we put into planning it as the rustic wedding of our dreams, that that vision was recognized and honored by Knotsvilla!

    Andrea and Chad Nagel


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