Notebook Inspired Engagement by Will Greene Photography

Today is one of those days where we shift schedules a bit and extend the Real event features to Wednesdays! Kathryn and Jacob’s Notebook Inspired Engagement session is clearly right up Knotvilla’s alley; the bold red colors, vintage car (57 Chevrolet) for props, and a beautiful couple was all we needed to accept this simple but creative session.

The session took place in Windsor, NC, a small rural town where fields can be seen for miles, the tea is sweet, the accents are as Southern as they come, and rustic/vintage is all the rage when it comes to wedding planning. Kathryn and Jacob knew from the time they contacted Will Greene Photography to photograph their wedding, that they would want a “Notebook” inspired engagement session.

Kathryn was really interested in the Bunn’s Barbecue setting because it is an old gas station turned into a small barbecue stand and she especially loves the old-timey gas pump out front.


Proposal Story

“On Monday, August 26, 2013 I went to Jacob’s house like I normally did after my classes at Chowan University. He had planned to cook steaks on the grill that night. He arrived home about two hours after I got there which is nothing unusual because he is a farmer and works very late hours. He came in the door and went straight to his safe. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, “Getting charcoal.” Well that struck me as weird because we keep the charcoal outside.

He lit the grill and asked me to come outside and talk to him. I went over and sat on the picnic table and he sat down beside me. On the picnic table were four pieces of a cotton plant; a green closed bulb, a white bloom, a purple bloom, and a red bloom. I knew something was happening at this moment.

He told me:

“The green closed bulb represents our first date at Andy’s. The white bloom represents our first kiss. The purple bloom represents the first time we said I love you. The red bloom represents that moment I realized we’d be together forever.”

Then, out of his shirt pocket, he pulled a big cotton bulb. He told me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He opened the bulb and inside sat a beautiful princess cut diamond. He asked me if I would marry him and I immediately started crying. Of course I said yes once my tears were cleared and I found my voice.” – Kathryn


According to Kathryn, her and Jacob met through his cousin in 2008 and instantly connected. They had the kind of teenage love that Noah and Allie shared in “The Notebook” which was obviously their inspiration for the engagement shoot. Jacob even wrote Kathryn a letter for every month they were together during our first year of dating then sporadically ever since.

“Our love has grown over the past six years and I would like to say that we share a love that not even a movie could capture.” – Kathryn

Advice for Future Couples:

“Most importantly, laugh! During this time, the people around you are going to become crazy. Just laugh it off because at the end of the day, the two of you will be married and that’s the only thing that matters.” – Kathryn

Vendors – Photography: Will Greene Photography

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