Non Traditional Card Boxes: Editor’s Etsy Picks

New in Knotsvilla would be this series I have seriously been considering picking up; Editor’s Etsy picks. While I have been struggling on whether to do it or not, I figured actually making one post and seeing how well it does would be a great way to make that decision. So I got Knotsvilla to become an Etsy affiliate and decided to give it a shot starting with these Non Traditional Card Boxes.

Some of you may already know how awesome Etsy can be but for those that are unaware, let me say this: Etsy can be really awesome! These are handmade items (which mostly means someone’s heart has been poured into your item) that also allow much room for customization. So without much talking about the amazing Etsy, how about we get to these unique Non Traditional Card Boxes?

Note: These links include KV’s affiliate links and that means if you make a purchase through these links, Knotsvilla gets compensated and grows!

1. Round White Wedding Birdcage Card Holder with Burlap and Couple’s initials | Etsy Store: ThoseDays


2. Small Wedding Card Box Birdhouse with Heart Carved Tree | Etsy Store: MulberryLaneFolkart


3. Rustic Wooden Wedding Card Box with Burlap and Lace | Etsy Store: LoRustique


4. Large Shabby Chic and Rustic Wooden Card Box (customizable quote)  Etsy Store: CountryBarnBabe


5. Wedding Card Box With Vintage Lock | Etsy Store: Bragging Bags


I’d be honest, the Birdhouse card box and the Vintage lock box both had me at hello. 2 different styles but equally interesting in their own way. How about you? Which of these 5 unique and handmade boxes flows with your theme?

PS: I am so excited to be showing you my picks from the amazing Etsy! I’d love your feedback on what you think of these kinds of posts or as usual, what you are most interested in reading here at the Villa!

Have a great week!

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