Non Floral Boutonnieres – Groom Wedding Style

We’ve been flooded with creativity here in the wedding world and at some point I am beginning to feel as though I can’t keep track anymore. Trends upon trends are coming and here I am struggling to keep you KV readers up to date with them all. Today’s post is all about the groom/groomsmen styling with the Non Floral Boutonnieres.

Boutonnieres have become a styling piece that allows for the expression of creativity of the whole wedding without being over the top or just looking plain random. After my searching of fun ways to make your wedding creative and personal, I stumbled on these very fun Non Floral Boutonnieres and totally had to share with you guys today.

If your men are not regular visitors of Knotsvilla, this is one post you might want to send their way to inspire them to get personal with their style by choosing a creative Non Floral Boutonniere!

1. The Card Gamer Groom


Card Game Boutonniere by fritts Rosenow Etsy Shop

2. The Rustic Groom


Burlap and Buttons Rustic Boutonniere from Angelas Artistic Etsy Shop (Affiliate link used)

3. The Foodie/Chef Groom


Vegetables (Peppers & rosemary) Boutonniere, photo by Katie Stoops via Martha Stewart Weddings

4. The Candy loving Groom


Candy Boutonniere from Icing 101 Etsy Shop (Affiliate link used)

5. The Super Hero Groom


Batman and Baby’s Breath Boutonniere, photo by JoPhoto via Wedding Window

6. The Marvel Comic Fan


Comic paper Boutonniere, photo by Muschlitz Photography LLC via Clever Wedding Ideas

7. The Vintage Groom


Vintage picture frame Boutonniere, Photo by Anna RozenblatJohnny Miller via Martha Stewart Weddings

8. The Bowling Groom


Bowling Pins and ball Boutonniere via Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres

9. For the Big Spender Groom


Money & Buttons Boutonniere from Angelas Artistic Etsy Shop (Affliate link used)

10. The Guitarist/Musician


Custom Guitar Boutonniere with Wedding Date by Frittsrosenow Etsy Shop

11. The Golfer


Wooden Golf Tees Boutonniere, Photo by JPP Studios via Brides

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