Nigerian Wedding: Delta Bride + Rivers Groom by Bk Concept


More of Culture! Well, of course I had to throw in a wedding from my country! Today’s Nigerian wedding is not only beautiful but has a special place in my heart since the bride is pretty much family! Oh and maybe the fact that I was present at the wedding too! This wedding took place in Port Harcourt, a city in Rivers State located in the southern part of Nigeria.

Tosan and Emi are the couple of the day and their wedding has been beautifully captured by BK Concept. While I know little about traditional weddings, I know that a bride from Delta state (Itsekiri- the particular tribe displayed here) changes multiple times for the traditional wedding. Tosan has gone ahead to help us understand it all better;

“The Itsekiri traditional marriage is called the Temotsi. One thing special about Itsekiri’s is that they do not collect a bride price from the groom’s family.They only have a list of items that they have to bring to the ceremony. Itsekiri brides usually have 3 maiden looks – Gold, Silver and Coral. The bride wears silver to greet the elders and confirm the man has come to marry her, she usually comes out unveiled. After the Silver look, I came back out with a white and purple look which is the full itsekiri outfit and they blessed our union.” – Tosan

Emi on the other hand is not a Delta man but from Rivers State. Though the actual wedding (traditional rites performed) were in style of the Bride’s culture (Delta state – Itsekiri), another mini ceremony was performed at the reception which was from the groom’s culture (Rivers state – Kalabari). This ceremony is called “Bibife” which literally means “buying of mouth”.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding repping my country!

Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-1-makeup Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-3-dress-up rivers-delta-wedding-bibife-knotsvilla-tosan-emi-brideNigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-6Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-5 Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-7 Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-8-beads Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-9-blue-silver Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-10-blue-silver

The Ceremony

Items such as Kolanut and Drinks were used to perform the actual marriage rites. Bride Tosan wore white and purple with coral beads – full itsekiri (tribe in Delta state) outfit. The Groom was dressed in white top (called Etibo) and black pants with the famous walking stick!

This is where the elders inspect the husband (see below, they literally check to see if he has his complete 10 toes and 10 fingers!), when he is “accepted”, then they go ahead and bless the union.


Groom Emi is being inspected here by the elders, seems like a happy inspection to me!


The Reception

Groom in all Black with Bride wearing pink top and royal blue bottom. Tosan’s headpiece is a stunning work of art which matches her neck piece and bracelet.

Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-19 Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-20 Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-21-cakeNigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-22Nigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-23-traditional-cakeNigerian-wedding-Delta-bride-Rivers-groom-24

A quick Bibife ceremony in the middle of the reception was performed. According to the Bride, this is a ceremony that allows her to eat in her husband’s house. The groom and his family pretty much pay some money so that the bride could cook and eat in his house. They present all kinds of food laid out and when they tried to feed the bride, she refuses until they put some money to the table. Soon after the bride thanks the groom with a piece of cloth and plenty kisses 🙂 According to tradition, the couple are to wrap their first baby in the cloth used.


At the end of it all, Tosan and Emi dressed up in the groom’s traditional attire. The attire is a Royal look for a King and Queen, which is called Attigra.


* * * * * *

How was that for a full blown detailed Nigerian (Delta/Rivers state) wedding? For some of you Knotsvilla readers, this might be the first you have seen and I’m so happy to display Tosan and Emi for you today.

Vendors: Wedding Planner and Coordinator – Tres bien Events | Reception Decor – Dezua Events | Makeup – Jojos Touch | Photography – BK Concept

Remember the month of August, the culture-ful theme would be showcased on Mondays to Wednesdays through out this month. So keep your eyes out for events where you wont see white wedding dresses but color filled dresses and ceremonies you probably did not know existed.

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  2. Tetsoma

    This is so beautiful. I am a Itsekiri through my father, mother of black american descent. My father is clueless about wedding traditions as it relates to the woman. I’m recently engaged and want to incorporate itsekiri culture/style into my wedding day. Could you tell me the name of the pieces in the silver/gold looks? Especially the head/shoulder pieces. [email protected]


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