Nigeria at 53: Green and White Wedding Inspiration

Happy new month lovers! Like I keep saying, I love the smell of anything new and a new month definitely makes that list. This is officially the last quarter of 2013 and the thought of the fact I made/am making it to see this time, I know not to take for granted. So with a heart of joy and gratefulness to my maker, I welcome all of you to the new month of October. Cheer up and embrace the newness with me!

Another reason to celebrate is the fact that my home country adds another year! Yup, Nigeria is 53 today. And just like I celebrated July 4th (as I reside here), and July 1st (as I resided there and my husband still does), today I celebrate October 1st for my Nigeria too (as this is the only passport I carry – for now). Our colors are Green for the forests and abundant natural wealth, and White for supposed to be for Peace. It is really hard speaking of peace, when so much violence under the “Religion” blanket keeps popping up. But I am trying my best to keep this post lighthearted and not focus on the negatives so I would just celebrate the best way I know how – A Color Inspiration Board!

Here is the color Inspiration Board to celebrate today.

Straws by Saralukecreative Etsy Shop | Bouquet via Weddingomania | Couple in the midst of Green and White chairs via Belle The Magazine | Cake via Pera Chapita | White wedding shoes with green brooch clip via United with Love by Katelyn James | Lady in Green head wrap (Gele) via My Africanista

Details to Love:

Our colors are beautiful right? Happy Birthday my Nigeria!

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