New York Bridal Fashion Week: Knotsvilla at the Watters Event


Hey people! As you might have read from my Saturday’s post (Anne Barge 2015 wedding dress collection), I couldn’t make it to New York this weekend for one of the most talked about events in the wedding industry – New York Bridal Fashion week/Bridal market. But thank goodness I was able to send 2 photographers to the 2 different shows Knotsvilla got invited to. Thanks to BcOy Photography for connecting me with both photographers!


Chanda Louise Oton of FashionedLouise was the wonderful photographer that represented Knotsvilla for the Watters event and I couldn’t be any more pleased with seeing the event through her lenses! These Dresses and accessories make up yet another dreamy collection. I’m talking Illusion backs, fierce A-line dresses with dramatic flowy bottoms, little white dresses and more!

Here are photos from the Waters event with gorgeous bridal details and the latest Watters collection!

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Thanks again (I don’t think I can say this enough) to Chanda Louise Oton of FashionedLouise, Knotsvilla and her readers appreciate you! Happy thanksgiving to our Canadian readers, enjoy the turkey, pies and more!

PS: This 2015 official Watters collection has been one of this blog’s most popular post, you might want to check it out!

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