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I have to confess, I have asked myself this question more than once. And every time I convince myself that wedding insurance is not necessary, I hear a story that makes me rethink my answer all over again. I can imagine this is quite a popular question in the wedding world and until you understand the heartache of a couple who “lost it all” due to one reason or another, you may never come to understand why insurance should be considered.


Here are 3 major reasons why you would probably need Wedding Insurance – and other practical ways (aside from getting wedding Insurance) to avoid these reasons when possible;

1. Theft: By this I mean the situation where the couple’s wedding gifts are stolen by guests or wedding crashers. As horrifying as that may sound, it has become a bit common in today’s society. And dealing with this is a bit tricky because many couples never realize their gifts were stolen until that awkward conversation from the gift giver, asking if they enjoyed using her gift or wondering why she never got a thank you card. There are many practical ways to avoid such situation and my top 2 are;

a. Online Gift Giving: Ask your guests to visit your registry online and have the gifts shipped to you or the store. That way there is no gift to steal and packing up after your wedding is much easier.

b. The Gift Attendant: The gifts are usually presented at the reception. Before your guests arrive, have someone manning the gift table. For those who already have ushers/greeters, they could also handle this job by assigning one of them to stand by the gift table. The usher/gift attendant in question would not only be responsible for watching the gift table, but also receiving the gifts and thanking the givers on behalf of the couple. So a couple should be cautious to place only those they trust with such a task.

2. Vendor Cancellations: This happens more often than you’d think, or like. Vendors are human beings and sometimes have unforeseen situations come up. Everyone needs to be ready in such times including the couple who may have put not only hope but money in such vendors. A good vendor would also be ready in such situations; be ready to help the couple as much as possible with finding someone else to take his/her place, refunding the couple and apologize for the inconvenience. But let’s be frank, that’s not always the case. In this situation, there is really not much a couple can do as it is the vendor having to back out. So to avoid being left out to dry by such a vendor, a wedding insurance should be considered.


3. Wedding Date Change: There are also cases where the couple has to carry the load of having those “unforeseen” circumstances. What happens when the weather is not cooperative? Not  just rain, but we are talking hurricanes and deadly storms? Or if the bride, groom, or an important member of the wedding party falls ill? In such cases, postponing the wedding is almost first response. In cases where refunds are not given or given in full, the loss of money in such a way can be very unpleasant. Completely avoiding this situation can be tough – and sometimes impossible – but a couple should try to cover all possible bases to the best of their abilities.

In regards to possible bad weather conditions like hurricanes, I’d advise that a couple research on what the last 3-5 weather conditions have been in that area around the chosen wedding date. According to, the most hurricanes/deadly storms so far have occurred in August, September and October. Knowing this, having your much desired summer wedding June or July could be a better option.

So knowing all of these, what are your thoughts about wedding insurance? YAY or NAY?

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For those who think it’s a “YAY” Markel Event Insurance is insurance you should check out. They offer 2 types of Wedding Event Insurance policies to help protect your wedding financial investment; Wedding Cancellation & Postponement Insurance and the Wedding Liability Insurance.

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