Navy Blue and Pink Wedding Portraits by Oana Foto

Alfred and Emilie’s gorgeous Nay Blue and Pink Wedding portraits are perfect for a Tuesday read! The couple,  knew early on they wanted the majority of their wedding photos to be focused on the bridal party and group photos, so they arranged with Oana of Oana Foto a “day-after” shoot when they returned from the honeymoon to focus on just the two of them. What started off at the wilderness park (where they also shot their engagement photos) was followed by a close-by beach session. No better way to cool off like a little swim!

Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-12 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-9 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-09 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-8 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-08 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-7 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-5 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-portraits Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-6 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-0 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-2 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-3 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-66 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-23 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-45 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-44 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-67 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-76 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-87 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-flowers Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-09 (2) Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-21 Navy-Blue-and-Pink-Wedding-trash-the-dress

About the Couple

“Both Alfred and I attended a Romanian gathering in San Francisco (I’m from Southern California and he’s from Chicago. We’re both Romanian and after we met, we realized that my mom knew his grandma back in Romania). He was staying at my friend’s house here in Southern California. I had heard of him but paid no attention.

While in San Francisco at one of the workshops, I sat next to a friend of mine that also happened to be sitting next to him. I’m naturally social, so I introduced myself to him. After the workshop we parted our ways. Throughout the weekend he occasionally would come hang out with my circle of friends as we both had mutual friends.

On Saturday while resting in the van with three of my friends, he approached my window (I was sitting in the driver’s seat) and talks to us (mostly me, of course, haha) for over an hour. On Sunday, we were talking with a group of friends and all of a sudden, my ankle just gives way and I fall to the ground, but before I can completely hit the concrete, he drops along with me and catches my fall. I literally fell in his arms.

After that, we road tripped back in Southern California and I thought I’d never see him. Lo and behold the next day I was invited over to my friend’s house from work where he also happened to be hanging out. While at their house, he took my phone and put his phone in my lap and asked me to put my number in his phone. He also proceeded to voluntarily put his number in my phone. I knew I liked him when he boldly just took lead and had me put my number in his phone. Afterwards, we all headed to LA to hang out with another friend and eventually drop him and another girl at the airport.

While at Syrup, a dessert place in LA, he asked me if I had Skype to which I responded, “I don’t really use it but I can start using it again.” That gave him hope that I was interested. He then asked that I sit next to him as we played jenga at Syrup. After Syrup we dropped him off at the airport and I thought I would never see him again. Two days later, he sends me a text “Hey Emilie is the best” (the contact name I put in his phone was “Emilie is the best”) and after that it’s history 🙂 We survived a two-year long distance relationship.” – Emilie

Proposal Story

“Every couple has a thing — Alfred and my thing is to visit National Parks. In fact, our hashtag was #AdventuresWithAlfredAndEmilie (one day we hope to have bumper stickers too haha). In November, Alfred came to visit me from Chicago and since we had planned to go to Phoenix, Arizona with other friends of ours, I suggested he and I make a detour and visit Zion National Park. We both did some more research and agreed to hike Angels Landing. Note to self—going to Zion National Park was my idea and a year before, I had Alfred write me a letter which I was not allowed to open as to how he would propose.

Every month since August whenever we visited each other, I waited for him to propose. I would get my nails done and buy new clothes, all in hopes to be ready when he proposed. I was sure he was going to do it in Chicago because that was his territory and he was comfortable there.

Well, it was a Friday evening and I got home from work and Alfred wasn’t home. I decide to snoop around his luggage and room in search fof a box. To my dismay, I couldn’t find any small square box that might hold a ring. (Little did I know that while I was searching for the ring at home, he had it with him and was at the jewelers getting it mounted). I wasn’t going to open the box but I was dying to know if there was any hope of a proposal (I know, I know, I’m awful).

Friday evening, we were getting ready to leave for Zion National Park (we were going to drive all night) when Alfred starts to say that we shouldn’t go anymore and that he’s a bit too tired and it’s too much. I insisted that after all the planning, we had to go to Zion. We get to Zion at 5:30 am and take a nap until 6:30 am. At 6:30 am we get ready to hike Zion. It was freezing! I layer myself with sweat pants over my yoga pants and extra sweatshirt and jackets over (just so you realize how unattractive I probably looked).

We started our hike which was about 2.5 miles of trail and then 0.5 miles of steep incline holding on to a chain and with cliffs on each side. There was a sign that said “this hike is not appropriate for people who are afraid of heights”. We even read that some had even died on this hike. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I was excited it. Half way through this hike, Alfred starts slowing down and the breaks became more frequent. I ask him if he wanted to turn back but he adamantly insisted we needed to continue. After much huffing and puffing, we finally make it to the top and stop to have some lunch. There were chipmunks everywhere and boy were they were aggressive!?

We spent our entire lunch fending off chipmunks from our food and after a good half hour we decided to return. In the meantime, Alfred told me he needed to grab his jacket out of his backpack (gullible me, didn’t realize he already had it on him). I ask him if he wanted me to hold his backpack while he grabbed his jacket to which he immediately said, “No!” I paid no attention to his determined “no” and left him. I turned around and started walking to the edge of the cliff to get a better look of the view. As I turn around, he was on his knee with the ring. He had a whole speech prepared but emotions got the best of him and he just proceeded to ask me if I wanted to be his wife. I excitedly said yes!”

Wedding planning Advice

“If your bridal party is made of your closest friends and you value having pictures with them, we STRONGLY recommend spending your wedding day taking pictures with them and then afterwards having a second photoshoot with just you and your husband (i.e. Trash-The-Dress)”- Emilie

Photographer: Oana Foto//Dress Store: Casablanca Bridal Flagship Store//Floral Designer: Flower Allie//Reception Venue: Laguna Beach//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Tommy Hilfiger//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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