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If you all are avid readers of this blog, you’d know a good nautical styled session gets me every. darn. time! Sarah and Russell’s nautical inspired engagement session doesn’t fall short in this area at all, hello gorgeousness!

The couple wanted something as unique as their relationship for their engagement session and they got just that. Since they had their wedding booked in the Dominican Republic, it felt natural for their engagement session to happen at Sea Star Base and on the water in a Chris Craft boat.

As if that weren’t gorgeous enough, their two dogs were included–wearing a bow and sash. Because Sarah and Russell got engaged in Paris, they wanted to have a touch or two with a Parisian feel, so they included a picnic basket with baguette and drinks.

When: Sept 10th, 2017 | Where: Galveston, TX | Theme: Nautical, Parisian | Colors: Red

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“Russell and I love the island life, so when I mentioned to him about doing our engagement photos on a boat we both agreed it would be perfect for us. Nonetheless, it was a fun way to say come celebrate with us at our destination wedding on the island.

At first we thought of a sailboat, but I found a photo on instagram that had a chris craft boat with a couple just married. I thought, it would be perfect for our engagement shoot. The next step was finding a chris craft boat that was near our area. To our dismay the closest one we could find for rent was in Austin. Which meant we would have to drive nearly 3 hours, and rent a hotel.

During the planning process, I was introduced to a publisher for The Daily News in Galveston, TX. We were working on a project together, after finishing the project see gave me copy of the current magazine. I was looking through it when I got home and found a photo of a chris craft boat. My heart skipped a beat! I emailed her to ask if she could receive the guys contact information. She told me to give him a call, and he was happy to help! I was THRILLED!

We set the date, and time and we ready to go! Only hurricane Harvey pushed us back a few weeks. We didn’t let this damper our spirits though, when the day came the weather was PERFECT! It was sunny, yet windy outside. We took photos at the Sea Base in Galveston, which was better than the sea wall that would be crowded with people. We got some great shots of us near a sailboat that said La Isla on it. We both thought, “could this be any more perfect for us?”

We got to walking around with our gorgeous cocker spaniel babies, just being silly and laughing as our photographer Christine walked us through poses. Once we left the Sea Base to head to take a few shots on the chris craft boat, we had felt like we had already gotten a ton of great photos to use. I was excited to just sit in the boat! It was gorgeous! I felt like we were on some European travel, on some romantic getaway, with just the two of us and our puppies. It was a magical day and I cannot wait to see what is in store for our wedding day.”

The Attire

“What to wear? Is this not a nightmare in itself? I couldn’t decide what theme I wanted to go with, I thought gatsby theme at first cause it just sounded like I could have some fun here. After talking with our wedding planner, looking at engagement photos online and stressing on the perfect outfit, I went with what our wedding planner suggested. “Keep it simple!”

So I went with the Nautical theme, blues, whites and a pop of red from the boat! We went for dressy casual for the off the boat shots. As we strolled along the Sea Base with our picnic basket right before we head over to our romantic getaway on the chris craft boat.

We changed into our evening attire. Which meant a sports coat for him and jews for me!”

Proposal Story

“On wow, where do I begin… THE PROPOSAL – well we had been together for about 6 years, traveling, growing and killing it as a power couple (my great uncle’s favorite term for us). Sarah began to hint at wanting to go to the next step, and getting married.

We had talked about this a couple of times, it had been a step in life I never considered, with my family history. My mother has been married 8 times and my aunt 6. I had watched so many different husbands go in and out of their lives, and I did not want this for myself. However,with Sarah I felt at home, she has always been where I belong, I felt it, even though we both didn’t think we would make it past 6 months dating. haha.

I thought long and hard about the best way to propose to the woman who I love, as we have traveled the islands, grown a business and bought a home. We have always been a little bit sentimental when it comes to classic love stories, so we decided to go to Paris, both of us knowing we would come back engaged. The surprise would come on the where and when the proposal would happen and play out.

I did not want to do the Eiffel tower proposal, everyone does that, so I found a beautiful old park , Parc des Buttes Chaumont, it has a grato, a cave with a beautiful waterfall in it, which I picked for the perfect proposal. I hired a professional photographer who was an expert in hidden photography to take our photos while I proposed, he brought champagne for us afterwards (nice touch, I know).

Then the dreaded email 4 days before we were to arrive in Paris, the grato was closed… the photographer and I chose an alternate location, which in pictures looked nice. The day of the proposal we drove around Paris, had breakfast, got dressed in our finest, then went for a walk in this park that I had picked.

I was a nervous wreck, and I was terribly awkward, the location was not what I had wanted. As we walked around the park I saw the spot I had pre-arranged, it was not what it had looked like in the photos, but I stuck with the plan and proposed.. while it was as awkward as a freshman asking a senior to prom.. she said yes.

YAY, but we both hated the backdrop to the proposal, and did it again, this time in a perfect spot, next to the park lagoon with the ruins on the island behind us. It wasn’t perfect, but it was just like us, a bit awkward, and better once we both planned it.”

The Engagement Ring

“The ring is a custom design by the Russ, and made by Dickinson by Design in Houston, Tx. The ring represents our love of the islands, and travel.

The center stone is a 1.52 carat brilliant cut diamond, laid in 14K white gold, with .5 carats of sapphire stones (44 stones in total) to represent the ocean. Sapphire also happens to be the birthstone of Sarah. The band and surrounding gold around the center stone is twisted so the stones are laid in and it looks like waves.

The custom ring process took about 3 months to build, including on waiting for several different types of Sapphires from different regions to make sure tho stones looked just right. We settled on stones imported from SRI Lanka.”

Photography: C Wright Photography | Venue: sea star base | Calligraphy: Camel & Birdie | Drinks: Palace Party Beverage Co. | Event Planning: Laced with Grace | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Rentals: Chris Craft Boats | Floral: House of Blooms | Engagement Ring: Dickinson By Design | Props: AG Antiques on West 19th | Decor Items: Thread Houston | Bride’s Top: Michael Kors | Groom’s Shirt: Tommy Bahama | Groom’s Attire: Bachrach | Groom’s Shoes: Sperry’s | Bride’s Shoes: Michael Kors

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