My Wedding Planning Checklist: The day of

More like my timeline, which I gave to my Bridesmaids, Photographers, Ushers and DOCs. Of course I was having a lot of fun while I drafted it (Inserting timeslots for my favorite TV show and all) and not thinking much of it’s help after the wedding but lately I sent it to a friend who is planning her wedding for September and she thought it was super helpful…so I figured I should share with you guys.

I had a Sunday Wedding that officially began at 4.00 p.m. and ended about 11 p.m. here in Chicago, so this timeline might be slightly different for weddings on other days or other times, but like I said, this should give you an idea how to structure yours.

I should warn you though, I did not follow these through, lol. Things on that day obviously play out much different than you expect but having a timeline definitely helps a bit with some structure for you on that day.

As per the Initials, In the wedding world they mean;
MoH = Maid of Honor
DOCs = Day of Coordinators
Time Activity
8.00-8.45 Wake up; Morning Prayers
8.45-9.30 Bride and Bridesmaids have their Shower
9.30-10.00 Iron all necessary items (This should be done the day before if possible)
Bring out full attire; dresses, jewelry, shoes, RINGS.
10.00-10.30 Grooms and Groomsmen wake up—Maid of Honor to ensure they are all up.
DOCs speak with hotel manager for Centerpieces directions.
Ushers arrange escort cards on table and have table placed inside reception hall to be brought out after the ceremony.
Ushers keep the ceremony programs at the venue in sight ready to be given to guests as they arrive.
Groomsmen and Groom have their morning devotion and shower (Maid of Honor ensure this; that they are showered and ready for breakfast)
10.30-11.00 Family, Couple and Wedding party have breakfast.
Bride relaxes and watches her TV show (24), ensure Netflix is connected.
DOCs speak with hotel hosts and ensure cake has arrived and all necessary arrangements for cake presentation is ready.
11.00-11.30 Bride continues with Jack Bauer 🙂
DOCs and MOH ensure bridal bouquet is delivered or picked up if necessary.
Make-up Artist arrives
11.30-12.00 Groom and Groomsmen pick up any necessary family that need to be picked up to the hotel venue (MoH ensure they get the car keys if needed)
12.00-1.00 This is free time for all parties, please use this time wisely if you feel there might be something I have omitted that needs to be done, for the bride or for yourselves.
1.00-1.30 Groom and Groomsmen begin to get ready.
Photographer & Videographer with Groom for a few “getting ready” shots.
Send in Grooms Card (MoH would deliver this before her make up begins).
Bride changes room to bridal room for preparations on the first floor.
1.30-2.00 Make-up Artist attends to others interested in having her work on their make-up.
2.00-2.45 Bride gets her Hair done.
Make up for the bridal party begins.
“Getting ready” shots (photographer and Videographer) of bride and bridesmaids.
Bridal party gets their Hair done.
DOCs ensure DJ’s arrival and set up; ensure sound is working fine, ensure the Soloist gets a test run with the DJ’s set up.
DOCs move bride and grooms things to their complimentary room. Make sure all is moved so the couple does not have to come back to the previous rooms to pick up stuff after the wedding. Remember to move their honeymoon suitcases, bathroom stuff, hair stuff, shoes, everything of theirs should be moved to their room (couple should have everything packed and ready to be moved)
2.45-3.15 Bride gets make-up done
Bridesmaids get dressed
DOCs dress up
3.15-3.30 Bride dresses up
Ushers head to the venue; Stand in place to welcome guests and hand out programs
3.30-4.00 Everyone heads to the venue for the ceremony to all be seated by 4.00p.m. as ceremony is to begin promptly.
DOCs instruct Groom and groomsmen to leave for the Ceremony Hall and be there at 4.00p.m.
DOCs ensure parents are ready and heading to the Ceremony Hall
DOCs ensure Groom’s mom is ready and with the Groom to begin their march at 4.00 p.m.
Guests are to be seated as Music is being played.
4.00-4.15 Groom and Mom walk in
Bridesmaids walk in with Groomsmen
Bride and Brother walk in.
4.15-5.30 Ceremony Begins
5.30-6.45 Pictures are taken of wedding party, the couple, the parents, family and other shots specified to the photographer. DOCs help photographer with identifying the people.
Ushers move to reception hall to be ready with escort cards for guests
DOCs ensure reception doors are closed until 6.45pm.
6.45-7.00 Guests arrive and are seated for reception. Gifts are collected by ushers and placed on the cards and gifts table.
7.00-7.15 Reception Begins.
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