My Wedding Pie!

I came across this idea on and I totally fell in love with it. So happy I kept records of my wedding planning process to be able to make this beautiful pie 🙂 I did not make an estimate pie (pie before the actual wedding) so this is an actual pie with my actual expenses. Hope it helps someone out there in trying to figure out how to begin the process with the first step I recommend: BUDGETING.

Have you made your pie? How many pies did you end up having?
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“Hotels/Tickets” were mainly for us, our wedding party and parents of the couple.
“Other” mainly consisted of random things I bought here and there in the process. Some of them I ended up not using at all.
“Venue/Decor” also consists of the food too; we got a venue that catered for us also, so all that is what comes up to the 41%.

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  1. Kate Murray

    Interesting. Can’t help but have the song.. “Movin’ on UP” stuck in my head. I FINALLY GOT A PIECE OF THE PIE… and so did my wallet. OY. Might have to do a before and after Pie chart!


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