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Happy new week darling KV readers, today we are stopping by the favors category and showcasing one of my favorite types of wedding favors. If you have kept up with Knotsvilla long enough, you’d know I advocate edible favors to a whole new level! They are not just pretty and yummy but are the kind of wedding favors least likely to be left around at the end of the wedding.

Today’s favor selection are by which are all about personalizing M&M’s for your wedding!

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With only 3 easy steps, your personalized favors are ready to be ordered. Firstly you’d choose the colors of your M&M’s (select up to 3 colors from the 25 options available), then add your message/clip Art/Image on them and finally select your packaging choice – jars, tins, or bags which can also able to be personalized.

There are also Do-It-Yourself options if you choose to package your favors yourself or in need of something different from the available options. For cases where all the bridesmaids are present at the same time, this task of packaging the favors can easily become a bonding experience for the bride and her girls.

Not sure about how you would like to have your favors set up on the actual wedding day? The Wedding Idea Gallery is an excellent source of inspiration! Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday or any other event, you can definitely sweeten up your event with personalized favors by Weddings to thank your guests.


I got a chance to order these myself to experience the process before I write about it. The process took me a total of 5 minutes once I decided what I wanted to get. The only delay you may face with ordering these would be the variety of options available to choose from; multiple colors, clip arts and packaging! Who doesn’t like variety?

My wedding anniversary is tomorrow (Yay!), so I used these to imagine what a second wedding for David and I would look like. Because David and I got married on June 24th 2012, I decided to use the same date in personalizing the M&M’s. Since the characters for the messages to be added on the M&M’s are limited to 18 characters in total (9 per line, space included), I had to get creative by adding our shortened names and initials (D & G), the date and an Instagram hashtag – #DwedsG!

Three years ago when we tied the knot, we used candies as favors but had them in jars, this time around I wanted a different packaging and while the tins are my favorite, the silver color did not go well with the color theme (pink & gold) I chose, so I used the clear bags instead with a gold bow.


Question of the Post: What are your thoughts about edible wedding favors? As a guest, would you appreciate such more than actual gift items? Let me know your thoughts!

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