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I was never a ‘wedding show’ type of girl, until I was done planning mine. You would think it would make sense to get into these shows during the period of my wedding planning but there is clearly something different about me when it comes to such things. So like I was saying, I eventually noticed how much Wedding shows rock on TV and I think my faves regular ones have to be these 4 listed below, actually I don’t know if more exists but kudos to TLC and the likes! I bet my husband has his nose up if he is reading this; he can’t stand them.

Say Yes to the Dress
I remember back in college when I watched this but I never got hung up on it because honestly I just could not relate with the emotions that were splattered all over my TV. For the most part, just like every other TV show, of course I know it is all acting but when you have been there and like me, passed there you seem to be able to relate a little bit better. The tears, the fights, the outbursts of anger all because a girl is trying to pick a dress? Oh and Lori and Monte absolutely add to it -my love for that show. You know something is wrong when a girl begins to feel like she knows the people on TV on a personal level. #guilty #MyStory

Four Weddings
Why I rank this as number 2, I am not entirely sure but one thing I know is that the idea behind this show just makes my skin crawl underneath! First of all, there is no way I can watch this show without seeing the end game being a “competition.” Now a competition may not always be bad but to me, things like weddings should be left out of it. By the time one brings the “competition” mindset into a wedding, I feel the true meaning is all lost. Weddings are supposed to be one of the happy moments we all should have (if all goes well, only once) so I find it kind of hard if one spends their whole time trying to make theirs better instead of truly enjoying the moments of it all. Secondly, I dare to ask: In whose mindset does it seem okay to let brides with 2 different budgets compete? Talk about injustice! Lol. Not to say that it is impossible for a 15k budget bride to throw a better wedding than a 50k budget bride, but I just think the chances are too slim for TV.

Enough of me bashing this show, I should confess if it is not already obvious -I can spend a whole day watching this show. And I guess at the end of the day, the point is to get an audience whether or not we think the rules are fair. So kudos to the producer’s, I think we can agree that their goals are being met.

Keasha’s Perfect Dress
I still don’t have enough to say about this show since I just started watching it but in a nutshell it is pretty much a Canadian version of “say yes to the dress”- yes, I do have a Canadian side to me which you would soon figure out in my other bants. I should add this though, I think she (Keasha) is really pretty, if that counts for anything.

My Fair Wedding
Yeah, is this still on TV? The one where David Tutera plays the wedding fairy Godfather? I haven’t seen or heard about this show in a while but from the few ones I might have seen back then, I always wondered what it would be like for a complete stranger to walk into my house and totally change my dream wedding from what I want to what he wants. Err…Haven’t quite figured that out yet.

What are the Wedding TV shows you spy?

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2 Responses

  1. Nengie

    Lol! I love ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ (and every other variation of it: I found the dress, etc) as well as Four weddings. I haven’t seen the other two. I remember watching Four weddings one time my husband was with me and trying to explain the essence of the show to him. The look on his face…. priceless!

    I dunno why i love them, but I do

  2. Gee| EverythingWeddingsAndMore

    Lol I dunno which is funnier…that you found this very old post or that you actually commented (knowing you read but hardly comment). LOL! My husband too never gets it…like if I mention the possibility of wanting us to see any of these shows, the look on his face too! hahahah! i am yet to meet men that would be interested in these.


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