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Wedding websites have been around for a couple of years and it appears that as time goes by, they become even more necessary. In today’s world where so much happens online, a wedding website has become an indispensable resource.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding websites are not only to show off your lovely engagement photos! They provide more tangible functions for your guests when it comes to navigating all the details of the wedding. From being environmental friendly (the ability to RSVP online), to allowing guests have the key information about the wedding at their fingertips, more reasons for a wedding website exist.

Must haves on your wedding website - Minted Wedding Websites

In all honesty, wedding websites get a bad rap for being an unnecessary and expensive wedding line item which can be as a result of misinformation or using the wrong vendors. Some couples believe that their wedding website has to have a lot of tabs and details which though are nice to have, are not necessary. And in many cases, the more additional features you have, the more expensive it can get. So, for today’s post we are sharing what I believe are the 4 must haves on your wedding website. Every other thing is a nice add-on but not a necessary one.

1. Welcome Page

Once your wedding website is opened, your visitors should be welcomed and thanked for taking time to visit your website. One this page, introduce your site by say something about you, your partner and your upcoming wedding. Keep it sweet but brief. For a more personal touch, add a photo of you two, just one is enough. Most people are visual, too many words and no pictures makes it look too boring. Try to stay away from that by adding a photo and avoiding lengthy text.

2. The Wedding Events & Directions

While the above section maybe fun and exciting, this section is what differentiates your wedding website from a regular Facebook album. This is really what your website is all about – information! Here you share with your guests;

  • Ceremony Location: Name of Venue, Address of Venue, Date, Time, Direction (if available)
  • Reception Location: Name of Venue, Address of Venue, Date, Time, Direction (if available)

You can get even more detailed with having the Maps feature with each of the locations, this functional feature is available on the Minted’s wedding websites.

Must haes on your Wedding Website - Minted Wedding Website

3. RSVP information

It’s all about being green! The ability to rsvp online is becoming more common and necessary in today’s world. Cut down the paper waste that comes with paper rsvp options as well as postage expenses and add an online rsvp option to your website.

4. Out of Town Guest Info

Having a wedding with out of town guests? Think of accommodation information which would be highly helpful for your guests. This section should be included to inform them of hotels, restaurants and/or entertainment options in the city of your wedding. Specifically with the hotels, the couple should think of options close to the wedding events venue(s). However, try to leave room for flexibility for your guests by mixing up the selections of hotels. For each hotel selection, include;

  • The Name of Hotel
  • Address of Hotel
  • Contact Information
  • Distance from Venue(s)

That’s it! Keep it simple and keep it affordable with your wedding website. All these features and much more (if you choose to go beyond the “must haves”) are available through the beautifully designed Minted Wedding Websites. Below are more great features provided by Minted Wedding Websites:

  • Free!!!
  • Hundreds of unique wedding website designs (each available in 3 layouts).
  • Matching printed wedding invitations available.
  • Custom URL *
  • Gift Registries
  • Photo gallery *
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Wedding party page
  • Website privacy *
  • Multiple event RSVPs

*Premium Features – Premium is $35 (one time fee)

This post is sponsored by Minted. However, all opinions expressed here are solely that of KnotsVilla.

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