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Heavy pun intended with that title, I just couldn’t resist the urge! Thanks for hanging in the Villa this Thursday, today I figured why not delve a bit more into KnotsVilla’s new direction – theme-ful & Prop-ful! With so many themes out there for couples to pick from, I decided we could start with one of my hobbies – Movies (and TV shows too!)!

I have had ample time to scout the wedding internet land and I have to admit, its’ amazing how creative people can get! From fab engagement sessions to eye catching save the dates and actually having a movie themed weddings, I can say I have had my fair share of amazement for one day. So I’d like to invite you to experience the same – thank you Pinterest!

Here are my top 10 movie themed wedding related photos. Some are “obvious” in the sense that a romantic comedy can easily be a wedding inspiration. But there are some not so obvious ones where I can’t help but think “How did you figure that as a wedding inspiration?” Then I have to remind myself that’s its not always about the story line but sometimes about the props which help a lot with translating a movie to a wedding.

Alright, let’s get to it. I’d list them in descending order with the last one being my favorite “movie made wedding” photo.

10. Mad Men – Bridal Shower & Engagement Session


Cast: Katie and Friends via Knotsvilla

Photography: KB Digital Designs


Cast: Anna del Valle & Sebastian Pirog via Knotsvilla

Photography: Lennon Photo

9. Mr & Mrs Smith – Post Wedding Session & Save the Date


Cast: Alina & Andi via Poptastic Bride

Photography: David Postatny Photographymovie-themed-wedding-mr-mrs-smith-save-the-dates

Cast: Kyle & Lindsay

Photography: Anna Hogan Photography

8. Bridesmaids – Wedding Pose and Bridesmaids Proposal (edit)


Cast: Kayla and Bridesmaids

Photography: Leah Renee Photography


Cast: Rosaly & Bridesmaids via Wedding Bee

Photography: Edited by the Couple

7. Little Red Riding Hood – Engagement Sessions


Cast: Amber & Jordan via Knotsvilla

Photography: Casi Lea Photography


Cast: Kelli + Taylor via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography: Three Nails Photography

6. Breaking Bad – Engagement Sessions


Cast: Vanessa and Brian via Knotsvilla

Photography: Macpherson Photography


Cast: Hannah and Mackey via Daily Mail

Photography: Ashley Eubanks

5. Hunger Games – Themed Wedding (Styled Shoots)


Cast:  Flavia Barbat & Randall Harris (Models) via SMP

Photography: Carmen Santorelli Photography


Cast: Jill McQuary & Grace with Coultish Management via Wedding Chicks

Photography: Courtney Clarke Photography

4. The Note Book – Engagement Sessions


Cast: Courtney and Paul

Photography: Justin DeMutiis Photography


Cast: Cindy & Jean-Nicola

Photography: Blushing Bride Studio

3. Bonnie & Clyde – Engagement Sessions


Cast: Janeese & Jason via Kelly is Nice Photography

Photography: Kelly is Nice Photography


Cast: Agnes & Dmitry

Photography: Serge from Photografika via

2. Up – Engagement Session & Anniversary Session


Cast: Ivy & Pierre via Poptastic Bride

Photography: Burtz Rolian & FR Rolian of Blinkboxphotos


Cast: Nina & Gramps via Lauren Wells Events

Photography: Cambria Grace Photography

1. Love & Basketball – Engagement Session & Save The Date

Tiffany & Tunde Engagement Photos

Cast: Tunde & Tiffany

Photography: Joshua Dwain Photography


Cast: Chris & Meghan

Photography: AO&JO Photography

Though it was tough to make a decision I had to end with Love & Basketball. Not only am I sappy and love a good romantic movie but Basketball has sort of been my thing for a while now so that had to be my #1. *If only I can get my hubby and I to pull it off!*

How about you, which of these creative movie/tv show inspired photos do you love the most?

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