Mountaintop Golden Engagement | Jessi Nichols Photography

When: March 28, 2016 | Where: Greenville, South Carolina | Theme: Golden, Outdoor

Here on KV, we can never get tired of a stylish pair and that’s exactly what Hayley and Kyle’s mountaintop golden engagement session is all about. Her stunning dress and the golden natural light made the whole session such an eye candy, we just could not wait to share! Their dreamy engagement session incorporates their joy for one another, Hayley’s impeccable style, and Kyle’s quiet confidence.

“For our engagement shoot I chose a gold floor length Badgley Mischka gown with sleeves. I got this dress from the app Rent The Runway. It was the EASIEST process! They even send you an extra size for free in case the one you order doesn’t fit. Once you are finished with the items you simply place them in the provided bag and ship them back (for free!).

Our location for the shoot was Bald Rock located just outside of Greenville, SC. It is a beautiful mountain overlook with a small woodsy area nearby. The perfect amount of elegance and bohemian!” – Hayley

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About the Couple & Proposal

“Kyle and I met in high school and began dating the summer after Sophomore year. Being in love in high school was the biggest high. I didn’t know what my future held but I prayed that it held Kyle. High school came and went and before we knew it we were packing our bags to move away to college in different states.

After nearly 5 years in a long distance relationship and college completed, Kyle proposed. About 1 year prior I had turned my photography hobby into a business and we had a family photoshoot scheduled coming up that year for Kyle’s family. I hadn’t really planned on being in any of the photos so I told Kyle’s mom that I would probably just wear lazy clothes. She told me that she wanted to at least get a couple pictures with me and convinced me to dress pretty. So, I put on some cute clothes and we all headed to the mountains.

Living in Greenville, SC the mountains are conveniently just a short drive away! My dad has a motorcycle and was out riding that day with friends (or so I thought) and asked us if he could stop by to get back a DVD we had borrowed from him since he was already in the area. As I am shooting some of the family I notice my Dad pull up so I tell him to give me just a minute.

After I finish family portraits Kyle’s mom suggests I get some with Kyle before we move on to the next spot. I agree and go stand next to Kyle. As she is snapping away I keep going back and forth from the camera and back to Kyle to make sure the light and angle is good when right as I am about to check the camera again Kyle grabs me by the arm and says “One more.” He then turns to face me and honestly, what comes next is a serious blur! The words he spoke were sweet and tear filled. No, really.

We both sobbed for a solid 10 minutes! I couldn’t believe that I was going to marry the man I had loved since I was 16. When my head and heart finally caught up to reality I turned to see his family and my dad standing there. They all knew and were all in on the plan! We set a date and were married on our 7 year anniversary on June 12, 2016. We married on a Sunday. The day we grew to despise because it meant the packing of bags and leaving each other after love filled weekends visiting. It was the best day.” – Hayley

Wedding Planning Advice

“The wedding coordinator you choose is SERIOUSLY important! Whether is full planning or day- of. Don’t just book the one your venue recommends because she happens to be cheaper. Do your research and hire the best. You will be much less stressed on the wedding day if you do!” – Hayley


Photographer: Jessi Nichols Photography//Other Location: Caesar’s Head Bald Rock //Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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