Modern Valentines Day Wedding Ideas

Yes, I am already thinking about the next holiday and getting excited about it! While Valentines day is typically the day/period we hear a lot about proposals and engagements, there are still a few people who love to have a valentines day wedding and this post is just for those couples.

Pink, red, hearts, lips and a whole lot of romance is about the best way to describe a valentines day wedding. Our post today gives a few ideas on how to incorporate all these in various aspects of your wedding from stationery, to food, to decor and much more.

This year, valentines day falls on a Friday and with weekday weddings becoming even more popular, I am eagerly waiting to see a higher number of Feb 14, 2020 weddings this year and what would make it even more impressive is if they went full on valentines day on the theme/design! Pretty much, if this post was put to good use 🙂

To some, pink, red, hearts and lips may feel to cliche for a valentine’s day wedding but if we are really honest, anything too far off would not give your guests the sense of a valentines day wedding but perhaps just a nice wedding.

So if you are sure you want a valentines day wedding but don’t want your wedding to have that “obvious/cliche” vibe, one good trick is to play around with the colors – other shades of Pink and Red. Get creative with the shades and how they are mixed to get something different but yet clear on the valentines day theme.

Modern Valentine Day Wedding ideas


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