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Modern Tampa Engagement ty-tatiana

Heading over to Tampa, FL with Andi Diamond Photography who is no stranger to Knotsvilla. Today’s Modern Tampa Engagement session of Ty & Tatiana is definitely what we need to get started up this Tuesday. The couple represent one of the major things KV is nuts about; culture – yes, we know how to appreciate a multicultural pair in love for sure! This engagement is sure to make you fall in love with love with the heartfelt words they wrote about each other, how they met and the proposal story!

The couple scheduled their engagement photos 5 days before the wedding (May 18th, 2015), as they were coming in from Houston. The shoot was done in their neighborhood in Tampa, Westshore Yacht Club. It worked out beautifully as they had direct access to the area outside the Bay Club and the Gulf of Mexico for a beautiful sunset. The pair was able to take a series of casual photos as well as some pictures that were a little more formal.

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About Tatiana (Written by Ty)

“A beacon in my darkest hour. From the first moment I laid eyes on her, Tatiana made everything else in the room disappear.  She is obviously very beautiful, but it was much more than that. From the first time we spoke, I felt an inexplicable connection.  We talked for hours that first evening, and became fast friends.

Tatiana is the most inquisitive, thoughtful, and caring person I know.  She is selfless and puts the needs of others before her own.  Perhaps that is why she is such a great coach and trainer.  She asks tons of questions, and is always so invested in other people’s happiness and success.  You can always count on her to be there when you need her, and I know that she always has my back.

It is through her unwavering loyalty, fidelity and caring nature that I learned to believe in love again.  In fact, Tatiana taught me how to love again.”

About Ty (Written by Tatiana)

“There was something special about Ty when I first met him (a Trinidadian accent and a beautiful smile might have had something to do with it ;)).

Without any doubt in my mind and heart, Ty is the most intelligent, driven and hard working man I’ve ever met.  Ty doesn’t cut corners at anything and finds balance among all the important aspects of his life.  He is an awesome father and a role model to his “mini me” Xavier, great leader at work, a loyal friend, and a perfect partner in life for me.

I love Ty for many reasons, but if I had to just state a few… Ty knows how to have a good time with his family and friends,  he makes me laugh even when he thinks his jokes aren’t funny, we dance in the kitchen just because, he is beautiful inside and out, and…Ty makes me want to be a better person.”

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How They Met (Written by Ty)

“I am a very lucky man.  As fate would have it, I went to a wine bar called Crush for a drink on a Friday after an incredibly long day.  Something I rarely do.  Especially, by myself.  I was on the phone talking to one of my best friends when Tatiana walked in.  She was accompanied by her friend Katherine, and it was their first time going out dancing together.

One of the guys standing next to me walked over to Katherine, and started a conversation.  And, a few moments later he offered to buy her a drink……leaving Tatiana to fend for herself.  So, I walked over and offered to keep her company since “my friend” ran off to the bar with her friend.

It wasn’t until much later that evening that she realized I didn’t know that guy, and was actually there alone.  I’m glad she fell for my ploy……the rest was history.”

The Proposal (Written by Tatiana)

I can only characterize our proposal as the perfect day with the perfect surprise. It began with a trip to Tampa Bay, Florida, a destination we frequent to visit Ty’s son Xavier. But, something was a little different. Ty decided that we should spend some quality time together for a few days before picking him up.

He suggested that we visit a few of his favorite beaches. We started with St. Petersburg Beach and drove north to Clearwater Beach stopping a couple times along the way. We finally settled into a Cabana on Clearwater Beach, and watched the sunset. It was very romantic. Then he mentioned taking me out to a special dinner at one of his favorite restaurants.

Tampa’s world famous Bern’s Steakhouse was every bit as good as people claim. We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner, and took a tour of their wine cellar. Then came the best part. Ty also made a reservation at their Desert Restaurant just upstairs. We snuggled into a small booth in the piano room. Ty ordered the Macadamia Nut Ice Cream, and I ordered the Key Lime Pie. He asked the pianist to play a couple of our favorite songs. When he started playing John Legend’s “All of Me”, Ty suggested that we take a picture. Our waiter took his iPhone and the next thing I knew Ty appeared to have fallen. Or at least that’s what I thought….he said “I’m ok” and pulled out a little box that changed my life in a big way.

The rest of the night was a blur….tears of joy, phone calls to parents, melted ice cream, and a forgotten pie. I can barely remember what he said when he asked……..I just said Yes, Yes, Yes.

Later he explained that “He Fell For Me!”

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Photographer:  Andi Diamond Photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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