Modern New York Wedding by Origin Photos

So much elegance and beauty here on the blog today with this Modern New York Wedding. When I received this submission, I was blown away by every single detail of it – the couple, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, reception decor, favors – every single detail! It’s Modern, Chic, and full of floral goodness and beautiful faces!

Pete and Nicole are not just a gorgeous looking pair but they seem to have a thing for making everything around them beautiful – their wedding is evidence. Enjoy today’s Floral Pastel wedding with a Modern twist by Origin Photos.

www.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comModern-New-York-Wedding-ceremony-kisswww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comModern-New-York-Wedding-couple-outsidewww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comModern-New-York-Wedding-favors-signwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comModern-New-York-Wedding-cake-couplewww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comwww.originphotos.comFloral Pastel Wedding


Photographer: Origin photos | Reception Venue: The Fox Hollow | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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